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CMC met en place 5 ateliers de sensibilisation sur les droits numériques à Khan Yunis

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...é organisés par le Community Media Center (CMC) dans l...- a déclaré que le Community Media Center a travaill&eacut...nal pour le développement rural, ainsi que l’Adam Associati...ent et Développement. Le Community Media Center intensifie ses e...


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Country Profile: Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt / Profil du pays: mutilation génitale féminine en Egypte / تشويه الأعضاء التناسلية الأنثوية في مصر

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With an FGM prevalence of 87.2% among all women aged 15-49 in a population of nearly 95 million, Egypt has the greatest number of women and girls who have experienced Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) of any country in the world.  The prime purpose of this Country Profile is to impro...

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Gender, Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises / الجندر والأمن الغذائي والتغذية في الأزمات الممتدة / Genre, sécurité alimentaire et nutrition dans des crises prolongées

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This report focuses on the topic of gender in protracted crisis situations. It depends on past experience to provide guidance on how to address gender equality as part of food and nutrition security interventions in situations of protracted crisis. Understanding and addressing how men a...

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Who Answers to Gazan Women? An Economic Security and Rights Research / Qui est responsable envers les femmes de Gaza ? Une recherche sur la sécurité et les droits économiques / من يستجيب لنساء غزة؟ بحث في مجال الإستقرار الإقتصادي و الحقوق

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This research describes the different adaptation strategies used by women in Gaza to compensate the collapse of household pay under the combined effects of the Israeli occupation, internal political struggles, military destruction and the current economic blockage. The survey focuses on the econo...