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Changing Masculinities, Changing Communities / Changer les masculinités, changer les communautés /

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  This report reflects the core insights and activities of a project that gathered, through two workshops, Egyptian and Danish activists, artists, academics and social workers in Cairo and in Copenhagen. It aims at raising awareness of masculinity as a factor of building social relations and...

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The current situation of gender equality in Romania. Country Profile / La situation actuelle de l'égalité entre les sexes en Roumanie. Profil du pays / الوضع الحالي للمساواة بين الجنسين في رومانيا. ملف البلد

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This report, prepared within the European Commission initiative "Equality Pays Off", examines the participation of women in employment and occupation. It addresses several aspects, including part-time work, qualification level and women's choice of education and their under or overrepresentation ...