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No Safety for Refugee Women on the European Route: Report from the Balkans / Absence de sécurité pour les femmes réfugiées sur la route vers l'Europe : rapport des Balkans / لا أمان للنساء اللاجئات على الطريق الأوروبي: تقرير من البلقان

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This report is a part of a multi-stage assessment of the protection needs of women and girls in the flow of refugees through Europe, examining their situation in Serbia and Slovenia. The report shows that through the routes the refugees undertake, there is no consideration of the gender...

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Euromed Partnership: Acting for Gender Equality / Le partenariat euromed: agir pour l'égalité entre les sexes / الشراكة الأورومتوسطية: العمل من أجل المساواة بين الجنسين

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This report forms part of the monitoring of the Euro-Ministerial Conference on the Role of Women in Society, notably the preparatory conference in Rabat in June 2006. The document revises the different European Commission projects for better participation of women in the economic, social, politic...