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Mères en ligne: First radio for single mothers in Morocco / Mères en ligne : Première radio pour les mères célibataires au Maroc / أمهات على الأثير: أول إذاعة للأمهات العازبات في المغرب

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The Association 100% Mamans, in partnership with the Italian organization Soleterre, launched last 18th May the first radio for single mothers in Morocco, during a press conference held in Rabat. This radio seeks to become an advocacy tool, to enable single mothers the recovery of spee...

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Where are the women? / Où sont les femmes ? / أين هن النساء؟

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The aim of this brochure entitled « Where are the women ? » is to raise aware among the public, politicians, and professionals on the under-representation of women in the operas, the theatres, and well as in the audio-visual sector (i.e. cinema, radio and television). It also contain...

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Where Are All The Women Directors? Report on Gender Equality in the European film industry / Mais où sont donc les femmes metteurs en scène ? Rapport sur l'égalité hommes-femmes dans l'industrie cinématographique en Europe / أين كل النساء المخرجات؟ تقرير حول المساواة بين الجنسين في صناعة الأفلام ...

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This report is an executive summary of a study about marginalisation of female directors in European film culture. The study was conducted in seven European countries: Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It discusses barriers preventing women from working in f...