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Tracing aspects of the Greek crisis in Athens: Putting women in the picture / Suivi des aspects de la crise grecque à Athènes: mettre les femmes en scène / رسم ملامح الأزمة اليونانية في أثينا: تسليط الضوء على النساء

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In the political fluidity of our times, the dismal economic situation in Greece is perhaps extreme but indicative of a deepening crisis in Europe, which is expanding, both geographically and socially. Contrary to the dominant rhetoric, austerity measures and pacts imposed on Greece, Por...

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Survey on the working conditions of rural women in Tunisia / Enquête sur les conditions de travail des femmes en milieu rural en Tunisie / دراسة استقصائية لظروف عمل النساء في الوسط الريفي في تونس

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This survey aims to study the working conditions of women in the agricultural sector and to highlight the discrimination they face in the labour market in rural areas. It therefore focuses on: Working conditions for women in rural areas, including conditions of transport, working ho...

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Urban mobility and gender in Tunisia: What place for women in transport in 2017? / Mobilité urbaine et genre en Tunisie : Quelle place pour la Femme dans le transport en 2017 ? / التنقل المديني والنوع الاجتماعي في تونس: ما هي مكانة المرأة في قطاع النقل في 2017؟

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Tunisia is a country that has pursued since independence a progressive policy in the field of women’s rights, and has established an image of modernity through the importance given to the status of women. Tunisian women have been able to acquire many rights affirming the principle of eq...