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Only one percent of gender equality funding is going to women's organisations - why? / لماذا يصل واحد بالمئة فقط من التمويل الخاص بالمساواة بين الجنسين للمنظمات النسائية؟ / Seulement un pour cent du financement pour l'égalité femmes-hommes est destiné aux organisations de femmes - Pourquoi?

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This article discusses the financial promises made by the countries of the world during the last two years to support gender equality, and briefly shows how and why only 1% of this money goes to women’s and feminist organizations. The article also highlights the importance of supportin...

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Where is the money for women's rights? An alarming call / Où est l'argent pour les droits des femmes ? Une sonnette d'alarme / أين هو المال الخاص بحقوق النساء؟

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This report provides an overview on public and private funding for initiatives for gender equality in France. It highlights their underfunding in comparison with initiatives working for causes of equal importance and funding for gender equality in other countries with the same potential...

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Mediterranean Women's Fund / Le Fonds pour les Femmes en Méditerranée / صندوق نساء المتوسط

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The Mediterranean Women’s Fund was created in January 2008, at the initiative of women who had been working for several decades for the rights of women in the Mediterranean region. Based on their experiences of seeking funding for their own projects or those of other associations in Al...