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Report on Violence against Women in Egypt / Rapport sur les violences à l’égard des femmes égyptiennes / تقرير حول العنف ضد المرأة في مصر

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This report provides facts and numbers about the reality of violence against Women in Egypt, a country that ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), although with reservations to Article 2 on policy measures and Articles 16 regarding marriag...

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Violence Against Women in Syria: Breaking the Silence / Violence contre les femmes en Syrie : briser le silence / العنف ضد النساء في سورية: كسر الصمت

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This report gathers testimonies given by refugees who had fled Syria between June and December 2012, and representatives of organisations supporting them. It provides an indication of the nature of crimes targeting women in the ongoing conflict in Syria. The report also draws on other interviews ...

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Societal Attitudes toward Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Syria / Attitude sociétale envers la violence sexuelle basée sur le genre en Syrie / المواقف الإجتماعية اتجاه العنف الجنسي و القائم على النوع الإجتماعي في سورية

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This report aims to assess the prevalence of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Syria before and after 2011, it also examines Syrians’ attitudes towards the survivors and perpetrators of abuse. The report highlights the different types of SGBV in Syria: in prisons and detention cent...