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Single mothers in Morocco: daily injustice / Mères célibataires au Maroc : l'injustice au quotidien / الأمهات العازبات في المغرب: ظلم يومي

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An article of the Moroccan penal code [article 490] penalizes all sexual relations out of wedlock and in the case of single mothers, it is always the woman who is held responsible for the situation (whether a consented pregnancy or result of a rape) because the biological father is abse...

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Women on Web: A Website Supporting Abortion Rights / Women on Web: un site Web qui soutient le droit à l'avortement / نساء على الشبكة: موقع الكتروني لدعم الحق في الإجهاض

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Women on Web is a digital community of women who have had abortions, medical doctors, researchers, and individuals and organizations that support abortion rights.  This international collective answers thousands of help-emails every day in many languages from women around the worl...