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Success Stories following visits to companies run by women in Setif

31.07.2018 / Created by (EMWF)

As part of a field diagnosis on the development of female entrepreneurship in Setif (Algeria), the Women in Business of Algeria association (WIBA) organized a series of visits to several women-managed enterprises in different communes of the wilaya of Setif. 

Women entrepreneurs, project bearers and local actors participated in these visits, the purpose of which was to share success stories of women-run businesses, to promote entrepreneurial culture among Setif’s young women. 

These success stories show women who have been able to confront challenges, remove the obstacles hindering them, and prove their essential place in the economic sphere of their country. The five successful companies visited were as follows: 


Founded by Ms. Djaouida Kebir, this is a company that produces and distributes a high quality Algerian soap. 


This company is managed by Ms. Nadia Hamidat, a graduate of the National Institute of Vocational Training (INFP). Ms. Hamidat entered the labour market as a secretary in various private and state companies, but then she had the idea to start her own business, a project that took shape in July 2014. This micro company produces wheat cereals (wheat rice, barley and corn) and cereal bars in different ways.

To this day, the company has two products on sale in the Algerian market and plans to develop other ranges and new products in the future. The perspective is to expand the company with the acquisition of new machines to increase the rate of production and thus create new jobs to contribute to the economy of Setif. 


Ms. Lila Mekhiche, a member of WIBA and a doctor in electrochemistry, manages this company created in the year 2000. Ms. Mekhiche is one of the few women whose profession is the surface treatment (zincage, nickel plating and chrome plating) of useful parts in the industry, home appliances and other sectors. 


This is a project run by sisters Amina and Nadjah Bennaidja along with their brother. The company produces honey and royal jelly, and for two years the siblings have started to grow saffron. Amina and Nadjah have integrated the green economy training of the Association of Women in Green Economy (AFEV) in order to expand the culture of saffron and participate in the Algerian economy outside hydrocarbons. The objective of this enterprise is the manufacture of organic cosmetics. 


This company is engaged in the production of biodegradable packaging and it was created in 2017. It is managed by Ms. Asma Aloui, a member of the WIBA community. Asma Emballage is one of the companies that participated in the program of the association AFEV in collaboration with MEPI / USA as part of the training on entrepreneurship in green economy.

All of these women are success stories. They show that these sectors are not only intended for men, and that nothing is impossible when you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

This practice was identified as part of a pilot action led by WIBA, which aimed to develop women’s entrepreneurship in Setif. It is part of the "Reinforcing the capacity of equality actors" project, funded by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and coordinated by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed). This action is also part of the project "Developing women’s empowerment", labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)


Women in Business of Algeria (WIBA)


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