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03.02.2017 / Created by (EMWF)

The excision of women’s external sexual organ is a violation of their rights and has serious physical and psychological repercussions. It concerns 200 million women world-wide, 500 000 in Europe, 60 000 in France and affects 6 girls per minute. The platform association “Excision parlons-en” was created in 2013 and brings together the most competent actors in the subject and communicates through the network of experts to break taboos and put this issue on the political agenda, to find ways and means to protect and take care of women.

It is the first French network engaged to this complex ancestral practice; and it aims to link up the different actors in the area (associations, public administrations, VIV, communities concerned), and the different topics (sexual health, violence, human rights, psychology…) and implicates all sectors of the public.


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