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Sharing a culture of women-men equality the collection “Egal à egal” (equal to equal)

03.02.2017 / Created by (EMWF)

The “Laboratoire de l’égalité” (equality laboratory) has three main aims: to bring together professional equality actors, to challenge political and economic decision-makers, and to increase public awareness on questions of professional equality and stereotypes. With the third objective in mind, the laboratory has launched in partnership with the Editions Belin the original collection “Egal à egal” (equal woman to equal man). The authors, women and men, deal with various aspects such as sex inequalities in economic, political, and domestic life and also in education, sport, and culture.

They contain startling quotations and significant focus points, humor and, above all, facts: state of affairs, change under way, promising developments, handy solutions and inventory at the benefits of equality. Each title can be read separately, but the books reflect each other, which is consistent with the fact of interaction between the various aspects of inequality.


Laboratoire de l’égalité (equality laboratory)


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