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Women in armed conflicts and disappearances

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The successful practice targets Palestinian women who experience violence of the occupation and its repressive practices. They suffer, in addition, social types of violence because they live in a patriarchal society, making them be victims at social, economic, and political spheres. All these factors weaken the evolution of women and their role in society in general, and in politics in particular.   

The program chooses women who live in situations of disappearance of their relatives to support them and train them so that they can in turn offer help and support to others. Meetings are organized to enable women to communicate and exchange experiences. Furthermore, extensive campaigns were conducted to create pressure groups in favor of women’ s rights and the importance of their role in society. Thus, it aims to rehabilitate as individuals and as leaders women in their families.

This practice has been identified within the framework of the CSO WINS project "Capacity-building in the Southern Mediterranean to Open Policy Dialogue and Monitoringfor Women IN Societywith the support of the European Union’s Neighborhood Civil Society Facility.


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