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16 days of activism - Qanun Nashaz (wrong notes of the law)

15.07.2015 / Created by (EMWF)

The “16 days of activism”is an international campaign conducted by different organizations in different countries. The aimed at shedding the light on the discriminatory laws against women worldwide, and its efforts to combat it. The campaign "Qanum Nashaz" was conducted in November and December2014. Its principal objectives were: to tackle the laws that are affecting women on both the private and public spheres; to create a dialogue on the proposed legislation in order to amend and create social pressure to eliminate them on the government.

The campaign used a video, cartoons, social networks and the media, and it organized meetings to influence to policy makers and the population (about 20,000 people). It also produced a play inspired by real stories about the marriage, the right to divorce, on female genital mutilation and sexual harassment in its different forms.

This practice has been identified within the framework of the CSO WINS project "Capacity-building in the Southern Mediterranean to Open Policy Dialogue and Monitoring for Women IN Society "with the support of the European Union’s Neighborhood Civil Society Facility.


Center for Egyptian Women' s Legal Assistance – CEWLA



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