Foundation's Team

MIFTAH wants to strengthen women’s access to decision-making positions

Created by Foundation's Team 2236 days ago

In Palestine, women and youth are underrepresented in local...reater representation of women and youth within the Palestinian politi...Media and Culture Unit of the PLO, youth activists of Palestinian poli...the reasons that prevent women and youth from own decision-making posi...

Dima Alkaradsheh

Women participation in local councils in Irbid governorate/in Qasaba, Korah and Bani Kinana districts

Created by Dima Alkaradsheh 2251 days ago

...omen to access to the municipal councils and enhance their political participation. These community initiatives will target the community leaders, youth, activist women and the munic...

Jaume Guardans

Responsible Citizens training for teachers and new practices of community learning for Students in Morocco and Tunisia

Created by Jaume Guardans 2265 days ago

...Each of the components of the training was followed by open discussions to highlight the importance of citizenship education, youth participation in community issues, youth violence as well as the chall...

Foundation's Team

Advocacy campaign against sexual violence and verbal harassment in the public spaces in Guelma

Created by Foundation's Team 2266 days ago reputation. The Association Information and communication among the youth of Guelma (INFO-COM Jeunes de...h an advocacy workshop with the media which involved the Directorate of Youth and Sports (DJS in French) an...

عائشة سكماسي

A Raising Awareness Campaign

Created by عائشة سكماسي 2273 days ago

...kinds. This activity included: - Raising awareness about the phenomenon of violence against women through open discussion with women, men and youth. On-site listening and counse...

Foundation's Team

Campaign in Ramallah for increasing women’s representativeness in the local councils

Created by Foundation's Team 2273 days ago

...excellent opportunity to encourage women to fully participate in them and to be able to play an effective role in society. Thus, Hiwar Center for Youth and Women's Empowerment is co...


Project “Supporting the associations defending the rights of victims of violence"

Created by Cherifa KHEDDAR 2288 days ago

...n interlocutor of a group of associations. The main goals of the Project are: assisting women's rights organizations, children, vulnerable groups, youth, victims of terrorism, disabi...

Fadwa Elshaer

Jerusalem Center for Women News

Created by Fadwa Elshaer 2297 days ago

...e " Canadian Kairos " Kairos Foundation. • Our Project with the United Church Foundation of Canada ‘Palestinian Women through the eyes of their youth'the target of which was to in...

Zeinab Arteil

"Qahwetnah" Cultural Café in Tripoli

Created by Zeinab Arteil 2318 days ago

...eglected conflict areas in Tripoli. This space is a meeting space where youth can meet and interact around...elopment and lack of opportunities that is suppressing any hope for the youth, leading them to resort to vi...

Zeinab Arteil

Beb El Dahab: The Rebuilders Initiative in Tripoli

Created by Zeinab Arteil 2319 days ago

...destroyed. Our initiative hopes to give this group of young, motivated youth a chance to forge themselves a better future, to strengthen social bonds and give these youth a sense of true belonging. "B...