Stella Kasdagli

Women On Top

Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:01pm

...organizations wishing to prioritize the equal representation of women at work. Finally, it has developed a...und the obstacles that women face in their equal participation in public life.

عبدالكريم الخزاعلة

Qudrat Association for Community Development

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:01pm

...ted numerous successful campaigns, workshops and training programmes...s unit, in addition to its general work, deals specifically with wome...e via training, rehabilitation, networking, and the funding of small...ic gender equity, provide a better life, and ensure the necessities f...

Nassima Baziz

Sawt Nssâ

Member since 11 October 2018 @ 2:41pm

• Regular meetings of groups of women who come together to deconstruct the different subjects of life under the feminist prism: sexuality, religion, family, work, etc. • Screening of feminist films, or films hig...


Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (CMC) continues its work in advocating for the rights and issues of women and youth during the year 2023

Created by Andalib Adwan 94 days ago

...ancing their practical and digital life skills through its three prog...Women’s Foundation, where it will work to develop the capabilities o...ts defenders, and hold a series of workshops in universities and scho...ghts defenders. CMC will also work on developing the Masaahatuna...

Foundation's Team

Shine Girl! Gender Equality project in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 182 days ago adolescents with each other, with adults who work with them, as well as their c...tity. They are experiencing a volatile internal life, undergoing the physical chan...eos with their parents in one of four moderated workshops, and with their teachers...

Wedad Sourani

The Society of Women Graduates in the Gaza Strip Implements Life Skills Training

Created by Wedad Sourani 445 days ago

...The Society of Women Graduates continues to implement life skills training for female pa...raining aims to provide female university graduates with the life skills necessary to engage in practical work and life issues and establish...


Foundation's Team

The EU Parliament holds its 3rd Gender Equality Week

Created by Foundation's Team 224 days ago

...gender balance in decision making positions at work and ending the gender care which women earn less than men for the same work – a measurable indicato...reduced mental and physical health, quality of life and a loss of economic output...

Foundation's Team

Webinar to present the report on violence against women and men in the Ile-de-France region

Created by Foundation's Team 624 days ago

...n Île-de-France: Family, couple, studies, work and public spaces. Data from...rienced violence in the family, in a couple, at work, in studies, in public spaces...tate of health, school, professional and family life? Who do we talk to about this...

Foundation's Team

Transnational Feminist Practices Against War: 20 Years Later

Created by Foundation's Team 632 days ago

...nator, Decolonizing Sexualities Network. Her books include Co-Motion:...dies and is known for her prolific work on transnational feminism, Above (Duke 2018) and Life in the Age of Drone Warfare&n...Gender and Technology in Everyday Life (Routledge 1997). She ha...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 609 days ago

...r proposals and is the result of the collective work of Associació Hè...the project focuses on improving the quality of life of women in Nablus by particular, who are denied their right to a life free of violence. Tasharuk o...

Foundation's Team

Video contest to recognize women's contribution to the blue economy!

Created by Foundation's Team 1362 days ago

“One in every two seafood workers is a woman, yet women are their visibility. The video documenting the work of this association won the 1...industry on women. By simply talking about her life, work and understating of the situa...

Foundation's Team

Transformative Political Identities for Gender Equality-LANA

Created by Foundation's Team 2431 days ago educational materials and skills in order to work in their communities. Also 80...ncrease the participation of women in political life andto improve the implementat...; This practice was identified within the framework of the pilot action of mobili...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Traineeships for Gender Equality at EIGE

Created by Foundation's Team 674 days ago

...mber States. In the course of its work to promote and strengthen gen...igh quality data relevant to their work. The traineeships aim princi...n the course of studies or working life;provide practical working kno...pleted application in English, the working language of the Institute....

Foundation's Team

UN WOMEN Programme Associate in Jerusalem, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES - Job Offer

Created by Foundation's Team 1171 days ago

...harter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discr...quo;s income security, decent work and economic autonomy; and Promoting a life free of violence for women an...t portfolio and the normative work. DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES...o;s Strategic Note and Annual Work Plans (AWPs);  Support...

Foundation's Team

Apply to our call for the mobilization of gender equality actors!

Created by Foundation's Team 2146 days ago

...© is made up by 5 actors working for gender equality which...tive identification of a fieldwork project in order to overcome...l, economic, civil and social life Combating all forms of viole...pen to the associations which work in favour of gender equality...


Foundation's Team

European Institute for Gender Equality Index 2019 Reports

Created by Foundation's Team 1117 days ago

...and levels of achievement in six core domains: work, money, knowledge, time, powe...uality Index 2019 includes a thematic focus on work-life balance. This new focus incl...frastructure; flexible working arrangements; lifelong learning. Find out the...

Foundation's Team

Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 1180 days ago

...  4. Demand an equal work culture   From sex...ple ways to make professional life easier for mothers: ask for b...m early. Remind girls in your life that they are strong, can’t find a group working on your issue, start one!&...

Foundation's Team

Axelle Magazine: A Belgian Feminist Monthly Review

Created by Foundation's Team 1967 days ago

...wide array of topics such as politics, society matters, economy, women and human rights, cultural events, and daily life issues.  The magazine’s main goal is to work towards a more just and human...


Bochra Laghssais

Vulnerability or agency of Resistance and empowerment of indigenous women in Morocco

Created by Bochra Laghssais 386 days ago

...various inequalities impact the lives of Amazigh women in Morocco. This work deals with the situation of s...communities, the well-being of their families and the sustainability of life. Through the recognition of...

Foundation's Team

Gender violence among youth: An effective program of preventive socialization to address a public health problem

Created by Foundation's Team 773 days ago

...radic, and the age of victimization decreases. This adverse life experience affects many areas of youth’s life, such as education, social re...ssociation, have pointed out, many of those programs do not work. In this article, the authors...

Foundation's Team

Eligibility for parental leave in EU Member States

Created by Foundation's Team 780 days ago

...out of the parental-leave schemes. In the light of the directive on work-life balance for parents and caree...parental-leave policies are becoming increasingly more important as a work-life balance measure. It is theref...


Foundation's Team

European Institute for Gender Equality Index 2019 Reports / / Indice d'Égalité de Genre 2019 - Rapports de l'Institut européen pour l'égalité entre les hommes et les femmes (EIGE)

Created by Foundation's Team 1117 days ago

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) offers new in depth publications and reports for the 2019 analysing the Gender Equality Index in every EU Member States. Each year the European Institute for Gender Equality scores EU Member States and the EU as a whole to see how far t...