Tala Harb

Panel Discussion on Estimating the Cost of Violence in the Arab Region

Created by Tala Harb 2058 days ago extreme violation of Human Rights. Ghida Anani, Director an...Director of ESCWA Center for Women, introduced the on-going stud...need for inclusive policies, women's right to protection, (2) Bot...dress this violation of Human Rights.

Foundation's Team

Euro-Mediterranean Associations expected to get new skills in the advocacy workshop

Created by Foundation's Team 2330 days ago

...tners. The workshop will be an occasion to know about the EU strategy and the funding instruments available for the associatios focused on women’s rights and to have a constructive de...

Foundation's Team

Tribute to women entrepreneurs of Moroccan origin in Barcelona

Created by Foundation's Team 2350 days ago

On the occasion of the International Day of Women's Rights, the Ibn Battuta Foundation, m...the Foundation, has chosen to pay tribute to women entrepreneurs of Moroccan ori...IEMed), headquarter of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation, and the co...

Foundation's Team

The Foundation presents its monitoring report on the progress of equality in Oran

Created by Foundation's Team 2358 days ago a presentation of the report "Women in the Mediterranean. First of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation of Ministerial C...on on gender equality and women's rights, on the basis of 12 case stu...s the author of the case study of women’s participation in econo...

Foundation's Team

Monitoring seminar of the Ministerial commitments: women in the Euromed region

Created by Foundation's Team 2498 days ago

...The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights organises, with the support...ldquo;Reinforcing the role of women in society” celebrated...owerment and equality between women and men in the Platform for Women’s Rights is member of the EMWF and has...

Foundation's Team

Research seminar: "Restraints and obstacles to women' s economic empowerment”

Created by Foundation's Team 2648 days ago

...easing. Many studies show that women are mostly affected and that inequalities between women and men are widening in terms of rights, access to economic, politic...d their access to employment. Women’s employment, an essent...alities that have an impact on women being effectively taken into a...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Association for the Promotion of Rural Women of Mezzouna
Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)
United Religions Initiative
Tunisian League of Women's Political Rights
Aya Al Khawalda - Independent journalist
Leïla Tauil
Kasdi Merbah Ouragla University
Isha L'Isha - Haifa Feminist Center
Mixité et Gouvernance en Méditerranée
Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator (WEAccelerator)
Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)
Intermediaries Changing Center for Sustainable Development
Women and Leadership
CIHEAM Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo
Women's aspirations Association
Khadija Ben Hassine
Master genre et droits des femmes des deux rives de la meditérranée
Association 100% Mamans
Sana Hafsa Consulting Office
University of Manouba Tunisia
National Association for Youth Exchange
Associació Catalana de Dones Directives i Empresaries
Arab Institute for Human Rights
Women's Center AlThouri Silwan
Psycho Social Counseling Center for Women (PSCCW)
Hassine Karim Glaied
Try Center for Training and Education
Assocaition des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises du Maroc (AFEM)
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Women'  s Solidarity Fund (WSF)
Association club de le jeune fille pour la formation à l'action de développement
Trajectorya noorteorganisatsioon MTÜ
European Observatory on Femicide

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