Lebanese Association of Women Researchers Bahithat

The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers - Bahithat

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LAWR produces a yearly volume “Bahithat”. It holds monthly meetings in each of which a research project is on topics like Children’s Literature, Feminism, Civil Society, and Women and M...


Ana Sofia Fernandes

Training in Portugal on youth engagement against the system of prostitution

Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 113 days ago

...;’ (Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights) organized a t...ipants heard from frontline NGOs, researchers, feminist activists &nd...neoliberalism, commodification of women’s bodies, globalization...y the European Network of Migrant Women, was also present, to establish a c...

Foundation's Team

Political dialogues to follow up on CSO WINS's 8 campaigns on women's rights

Created by Foundation's Team 312 days ago

...on combating violence against women. Badr Eltawayel will org...2015 law on violence against women as well as the measures to be...and Criminal Research Centre, researchers and local NGOs. The aim...arried out its campaign. Women in Front will organize meetings wit...

Foundation's Team

Human Rights Day: The FFEM's contribution to gender and development issues

Created by Foundation's Team 354 days ago

...Council for Equality between Women and Men (HCE) and many NGOs a...have implemented the program "Women of future in the Mediterranea...r networking, mobilization of researchers and supporting civil so...resistance and resilience of women’s movements.  Other NGO...


Emilie Vidal

Debate in Malta on the challenges of gender equality in the Mediterranean

Created by Emilie Vidal 286 days ago

...ber of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM). T...ampus is to inform academics, researchers, civil society organisa...ovative approaches to empower women and the links between knowled...e Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations(MCWO) and Com...

Foundation's Team

Conference: Stories and woes of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Created by Foundation's Team 546 days ago

...e titled "Stories and woes of women in the Euro-Mediterranean reg...n 3 will deal with the topic "Women and violence", and at 10:40 s...dress "Women’s money". Researchers and professors from 4 u...emocracy"; "Voices of African Women"; "Democratic learning in Tunisia,...

Foundation's Team

Join the FFEM at our conference as part of the CIRFF2018!

Created by Foundation's Team 546 days ago

...anean region, August 27 at 2PM. - Session 2: Women in power in the Mediterranean...hallenges, August 27 at 3:40PM. - Session 3: Women’s empowerment in the Me...rious countries and professional backgrounds (researchers, activists, politicians) who...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 186 days ago

...mputer science graduates were women, while this number went down...e today´s world´s researchers are women, according to...Spanish university system are women, their presence in technical...ious support of more than 310 women mentors, scientists and technologis...

Calls and opportunities

Emilie Vidal

Call for applications for youth forum: incorporating feminist contributions

Created by Emilie Vidal 250 days ago

...IEMed), founding member of the Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM), is...egion. The IEMed will select up to 15 young researchers and students from the Euro-Me...e call for participants is open to the young researchers (under 35) who are affiliated...

Foundation's Team

Apply to an innovative fellowship for female researchers in agriculture

Created by Foundation's Team 263 days ago

...the first edition of the Arab Women Leaders in Agriculture (Awla) fellowship program for women researchers from Egypt, Jordan, Leb...rity", opening doors for Arab women researchers to strengthen their intellect...e first network of Arab Women Researchers....

Emilie Vidal

Call for papers on Alternative Economies and gendered Labour

Created by Emilie Vidal 383 days ago

...interested in intellectual production of Young activists, independent researchers, graduate students and...e economies and structures of leftist organizing; the positionality of women and gender justice in labour moveme...


Foundation's Team

Each year For Women in Science programme offers several prizes and scholarships

Created by Foundation's Team 293 days ago

...ince 1998 the partnership For Women in Science between the French...king initiatives to encourage women’s researchers talent. According to...than 30% of the world’s researchers are women. With the aim of empowering g...ting and encouraging 15 young women scientists at doctoral or post-doct...

Foundation's Team

Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI)

Created by Foundation's Team 528 days ago

...institutions of over 160 countries.  The SIGI is mainly used by researchers and policy makers, but...also makes it an interesting tool for the general public interested in women’s social and economic develop...

Foundation's Team

Female Experts Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 635 days ago

...bjective of this site is to fight the invisibility of women in the media in Tunisia by identifying several hundred women researchers, professionals and asso...with Jamaity, the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women (ATFD) and HuffPost Maghreb, with t...


Foundation's Team

Women and the Industry of Peace in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 41 days ago

...perspectives to better understand the work of women in peace building in Lebanon:...the lives of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian women peace builders residing in writers, journalists, media professionals, researchers and artists residing in Leban...

Foundation's Team

Key Comparable Gender Indicators for the European Neighbourhood Policy - South countries

Created by Foundation's Team 162 days ago

...ender issues, measuring the status of men and women in various fields and during...gated statistics, since they concern not only women but also their role and the r...information for both the decision makers, the researchers, the press and the general pu...

Foundation's Team

Gender and (Military) Conflicts in Eastern-European Countries through Feminist Lenses

Created by Foundation's Team 432 days ago Heinrich Boell Office in Ukraine in March 2017. The event gathered researchers and activists from Ukra...325, to gender and nationalism, displacement, war and sexual violence, women’s contribution to history wri...


Foundation's Team

Women and science: beyond the ideas received / Les femmes et les sciences : au-delà des idées reçues / النساء و العلم: ما وراء الأفكار المتلقاة

Created by Foundation's Team 1578 days ago

This booklet, aimed at the education world, proposes concrete actions to encourage girls to engage in scientific and technical jobs and efficiently fight against the received ideas about their studies. After a historical summary, the document shows that there is no biological foundation for the d...

Foundation's Team

Girls and Boys in Science and Technology, a European and Planetary Challenge / Filles et garçons en sciences et techniques, un enjeu européen et planétaire / الفتيات و الفتيان في العلوم والتكنولوجيا، تحدي أوربي و عالمي

Created by Foundation's Team 1657 days ago

This document reviews the symposium organized on 15 November 2008 by the Association Femmes et Sciences and the Association for Parity in Scientific and Technical Jobs. This symposium explored the situation of women in scientific and technical jobs and the problems related to the attitu...

Foundation's Team

Toolkit Gender in EU-funded research / Boîte à outils sur le genre dans les recherches financées par l' UE / مجموعة أدوات النوع الإجتماعي في البحوث الممولة من الإتحاد الأوربي

Created by Foundation's Team 1670 days ago

This toolkit seeks to offer advice to researchers to enhance gender equality in research. The objective is to make researchers more sensitive to the gender dimension in science by helping them to remove sexist prejudices in research projects and understand the importance of creating mixed researc...