Sana Afouaiz

Womenpreneur Initiative

Member since 29 November 2019 @ 4:56pm

- Womenpreneur Tour: a joint initiative...D’s Entrepreneurship Academy and Womenpreneur, mapping female entrep...d offers impactful solutions. - Womenpreneur Experience: an event, taking place at the end of the journey networking opportunities. - Womenpreneur Forum: a joint effort...

أحلام النصيري

Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED

Member since 9 April 2019 @ 1:27pm

...ance of the exercise of the right to vote. - The project "Women Ambassadors for civic education of illiterate women living in rural areas" - Di...tuent Assembly. - Monitor the various elections that took place in Tunisia after the revoluti...

Mariam Ahmad

For You Libya Group

Member since 13 February 2018 @ 1:21pm

Establishing women empowerment units in government in...these ministries that will enable women to get equal chance with men...Developing a unit that can ensure women legal rights and that no disc...eloping a hotline that will enable women to place a complain against any type o...


Ghida Abdallah Anani

The Real Test: Lebanon's anti-stigma campaign

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 35 days ago preventing people who exhibit the symptoms to seek care in the first place for fear of being subject to...tigma associated with the coronavirus disease is particularly affecting women and girls, especially in vuln...

Foundation's Team

Domestic violence can no longer be treated as a minor offence in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Created by Foundation's Team 88 days ago

....    From Ivana Marković’s declaration reported by UN Women: “As a criminal law pr...f the keys to success was the fact that while the revisions were taking place, the Ministry of Family, Yout...

Ibtissame Betty Lachgar

Male Violence and Coronavirus

Created by Ibtissame Betty Lachgar 137 days ago

...o network in order to support women victims of violence during th...s on the government to put in place as soon as possible an emerge...on combating violence against women required victims to initiate...ight against violence against women. Directives to the police so...


Esther Fouchier

Writing Workshop: Exiled and Confined women

Created by Esther Fouchier 89 days ago

Within the framework of the ACJM Days, the Mediterranean Women’s Forum (Marseille-France) a...ds and ideas. The workshop will create links and bridges, and will take place by videoconference on June 7,...

Foundation's Team

Regional workshop in Amman on women's engagement in public and political life

Created by Foundation's Team 246 days ago

...Roadblocks to Roadmaps: Together to strengthen women’s political participati...xchange Workshop’’ which will take place on 15 and 16 December 2019 in...ent Foundation (YLDF) in collaboration with UN Women, this workshop aims to enhanc...

Foundation's Team

UfM Workshop:Tourism: Generating Jobs for Youth in the MENA Region

Created by Foundation's Team 259 days ago

...n the MENA Region” will take place at the Union for the Mediterr...the creation of jobs for youth and women in the MENA region, the works...ntire session will be dedicated to Women in Tourism and will be discus...create employment for youth and/or women, you provide a tourism servic...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Success Stories following visits to companies run by women in Setif

Created by Foundation's Team 742 days ago

...s to share success stories of women-run businesses, to promote en...em, and prove their essential place in the economic sphere of the...s. Mekhiche is one of the few women whose profession is the economy. All of these women are success stories. They sho...

Foundation's Team

Short stories international competition

Created by Foundation's Team 1281 days ago

...r in print or electronically, women from around the Mediterranean...colors they give to the world.Women of peace, living beings. The...lso to enable or give women a place in public culture and life. I...pace.Its purpose is to foster women’s memory inside a netwo...

Foundation's Team

Educational exhibition 'Women-men equality in the work place'

Created by Foundation's Team 1282 days ago

This new educational exhibition for the general public is meant to raise awareness and combat sexist stereotypes in professional segregation. It should parti...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for Papers: Conference Women in Revolt (Univ. Paris 1, February 2021)

Created by Foundation's Team 19 days ago

"Women in revolt. Mobilizations, pathways,...a three-day conference dedicated to women in revolt in the Arab Mediter...en devoted in recent decades to the place of women in societies and in struggles...the question of the role played by women in the struggles for emancipa...

Foundation's Team

EUSEW2020 Women in Energy Award

Created by Foundation's Team 167 days ago

...ek want to recognize the significant impact of women in the field of clean, your nomination by 3 March 2020. Nominate Women in Energy 2020 here! Success...ill be announced at the Awards Ceremony taking place on 23 June 2020 in...

Foundation's Team

Training in The Hague on Gender Responsive Governance

Created by Foundation's Team 407 days ago   Designed for both men and women, this course by The Hague Aca...special focus on strengthening the position of women and marginalized groups. The...course fee is € 3.150 and will take place in The Hague from 18 to...


Foundation's Team

Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 155 days ago

...sment to the gender wage gap, women face a full roster of discrim...ices when it comes to the workplace. Demand a progressive work en...ething written or directed by women (and for women).  Movie...ernalized beliefs about their place, worth and role in society as...

Foundation's Team

Online OECD Conference on Ending Violence Against Women

Created by Foundation's Team 161 days ago

...ence on Ending Violence Against Women, which took place in Paris on 5-6 February 2020...and eradicate violence against women. Violence against women rema...ide, more than one out of three women have experienced physical and...ndation listed violence against women as one of the three most urge...

Foundation's Team

Suggestions for an egalitarian society: Stockholm municipality perspective

Created by Foundation's Team 441 days ago

A Women’s place is an initiative by the municipality of Stockholm City that aims to coll...ment tips to ensure representativeness, steps to measure equality in workplaces, solutions to help companies...


Foundation's Team

Challenges and achievements in promoting women's political participation in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 22 days ago structural discrimination against women in terms of equal political o...ect set up by the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation, in partnership...d opportunities within the path that women’s democratic participation should follow to take its place as a constituent element of t...

Foundation's Team

Woman Business Forum 2019 Conference Report

Created by Foundation's Team 172 days ago

The UfM Women Business Forum 2019 took place in Barcelona on 19-21 November within th...ty Expo World Congress. It convened women entrepreneurs, national women...s forum focused on promoting the role of women in the circular economy and i...

Foundation's Team

Turkey: Women and Domestic Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 265 days ago

...third and one-half of Turkish women are reported to be victims of...ents the cases of a number of women victims of violence by family...hed attitudes that are put in place very early: barely born, litt...ure of violence that subjects women to the dual threat of being v...


Foundation's Team

Information report on the place of women's rights in French diplomacy / Rapport d'information sur la place des droits des femmes dans la diplomatie française / تقرير عن مكانة حقوق المرأة في الدبلوماسية الفرنسية

Created by Foundation's Team 809 days ago

This report was prepared pursuant to Article 145 of the French Rules by the Committee on Foreign Affairs concluding the work of an information mission set up on 24 October 2017 on the place of women’s rights in French diplomacy. The report presents 100 proposals for a "feminist diploma...