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Workshops on political rights of women in West Bank

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...rdquo;, of the project “Women for the future in the Mediter...promote the participation of women in public and political on the political role of women in local communities. The the interventions of civil society and politicians. A synergy be...

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Mobilization of equality actors in the region of Mount Lebanon

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...quality", of the project Women for the future in the Mediter...tify challenges to advance in women’s rights due to the pre...sion against violence against women. The goal was to share the the interventions of civil society and politicians. Recommendati...

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Conclusion of the pilot mobilizing action of gender equality actors in Oran in 2015

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...well as violence against old women who are divorced without the...olence’s reality by the society as a whole as well as to fi...he idea that violence against women is encouraged or allowed in I...der equality", of the project Women for the future in the Mediterra...

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Dialogue workshop on violence against women in Oran

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... on the overall situation of women victims of violence. Photogra...specific management structure for women victims of violence. The 60...of various organizations of civil society and media) have agreed to equality", of the project Women for the future in the Mediterra...

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Opening of a call for participants for a workshop on advocacy

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...licy dialogue and monitoring for women in society, funded by the European Uni...lect 24 representatives of civil society organizations working in fa...Djazairouna, the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research, the...ademic and Scientific Network on Women and Gender. The call for parti...

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Mobilization and consultation of equality actors at local level

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...focus on the political participation of women and combating violence against women. Through data collection and...Axis 1 promotes synergies between civil society, local and regional authori...or gender equality", of the project Women for the future in the Mediterra...

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The "Mediterranean Women" Report was presented in Tunis

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...Marai Friaa, the Minister of Women, Family and Childhood of Tuni...presentatives of active civil society in women's rights and the f...ight against violence against women. To be noticed, the interventi...lity at local level and civil society as part of the missions and o...

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Participation of the 4th World Women's March and meeting with ambassadors

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...closure of the 4èrme World Women’s March, including in t...herings with many associations of women committed to working for and coordinators of the report Women in the Mediterranean, met wit...onference on the role of women in society with representatives of Medit...

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Call for experts in advocacy and political dialogue in favour of equality

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...alogue in favour of equality between men and women in the southern processes concerning gender equality and women’s rights and foster net...n to Open Policy Dialogue and Monitoring for Women In Society - CSO WINS" funded by the Eur...

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7 organizations of the southern Mediterranean will lead local mobilization actions

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...sed to announce the list of civil society organizations that will be...topic related to equal rights for women and men to participate in pol...- IEMed, the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research - C...and the project “Developing Women’s Empowerment”, lab...