Foundation's Team

The Alternative Economy in the Arab Region: Concept and Issues

Created by Foundation's Team 1883 days ago

...g basic reflections on the alternative economy and its relation to the con...mber of experiences such as the Sarifa women’s knitting workshop in Lebanon, and the Women for living initiative in Fayo...ciety to recognize the capabilities of women or marginalized individuals....

Foundation's Team

Socio-economic inequality in Jordan

Created by Foundation's Team 1884 days ago how traditional gender norms limit women’s agency. ‘’Perceptions of women’s roles in the home, ed..., and the structure of Jordan’s economy powerfully influence the piloted a few programs to increase women’s agency, but it is a far...

Foundation's Team

What is Ecofeminism?

Created by Foundation's Team 1909 days ago

...ate, the male dominance and the suppression of women in society and the ecological crisis.  On the other hand, women’s movement and feminism have...discipline with threads to feministic or care economy. ...

Foundation's Team

Women and the alternative economy: the social and solidarity economy model

Created by Foundation's Team 1910 days ago

...the evolution of the alternative economy, while the second part high...patterns of social and solidarity economy as a model for the alternativ...initiatives to establish a social economy and solidarity, and part of the research discusses women’s empowering in the socia...

Foundation's Team

The Global Gender Gap Report 2017

Created by Foundation's Team 1918 days ago

...ap Index presented in this report seeks to measure one important aspect of gender equality: the relative gaps between women and men across four key areas: health, education, economy and politics. According to th...

Foundation's Team

Building an Inclusive Economy in Libya - Challenges and opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 1933 days ago

...This study aims to understand the reasons behind the reluctance of Libyan women to enter the official economy, and to make recommendations that encourage women to contribute officially in the country’s economy. The study also explores the...

Foundation's Team

Women's access to basic services in Irbid and Zarqa Governorates

Created by Foundation's Team 2025 days ago

...added to the strain on Jordan’s infrastructure, resources, and economy and women are disproportionately impact...dy aims to increase the understanding of the impact of the crisis on women’s access to basic service...

Foundation's Team

The Situation of Women in Libya

Created by Foundation's Team 2050 days ago

...s a broad summary of the challenges currently facing Libyan women. Jusoor has focused the maternity centres, the impact of civil war on the Libyan economy as well as the systematic exclusion of women from the labour market and fina...

Foundation's Team

Understanding women's experience of violence and the political economy of gender in conflict: the case of Syria

Created by Foundation's Team 2275 days ago dimension of violence against women (VAW) in political conflicts,...lities of violence experienced by women in the Syrian conflict. The a...count the impact of the political economy of the wider region as shap...e lived realities of violence and women’s response, as well as th...

Foundation's Team

Equality and the Economy: Why the Arab World Should Employ More Women

Created by Foundation's Team 2283 days ago

Although the MENA region has achieved a lot of progress in the field of women´s education, a huge gender gap still persists in the field of women´s economic participatio...tries generate prosperity. It discusses Arab women&r...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Tunisian Association for Cultural Action
Al-Bait Assamed Association Society
The Digital Museum of Women  Zatek
El Watan
The Moroccan Human Rights Forum
Future Association for Development - Batna
Arab Women Parlamentarian Network
Women & Cinema
Bulgarian School of Politics  Dimitry Panitza
Womenpreneur Initiative
Equity, Parity and Gender Mainstreaming Commission of Guelmim
Seed of Peace - Oran
Thenextwomen tunisie
Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration
Ideaborn Consulting
The Arab Association for Human Rights
Center for Study and Research on Human Rights and Migration
Action et Promotion Sociale et Culturelle
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Challenge Association of Sustainable Development (A.C.D.D.)
Immigrant Women in Catalonia Association (AOMICAT)
Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)
Association Entrelles Entrepreneures Marrakech-Safi
Arab Institute for Human Rights
EMUI_ EuroMed University
La ciutat invisible
Coalition for Tunisian Women and the International Network of Women
Hiwar Center for youth and women's empowerment
Association of Women in Green Economy (AFEV)
AWSA-Be, Arab Women's Solidarity Association-Belgium
Youth Empowerment Society - YES
Hillary Rodham Clinton Center for Women'    s Empowerment (HCC)

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Elections are you and I, not you without me, successful campaign by Hiwar

Palestinian women are underrepresented in local councils although the Palestinian law on local elections stresses that...

Témoignage d'une femme victime de violence

Capsule d’un témoignage d’une femme victime de violence en période de confinement sanitaire

The Foundation struggles for including gender in climate agreements in COP22 in Marrakech

Women, environment and sustainable development are an indivisible whole. The climate agreements must incorporate the gender...

Working and succeeding together, a seminar on female entrepreneurship

As part of its project 'Let’s dare to Succeed Together, Women from the South and Women from the North', Mediterravenir...

Project “Supporting the associations defending the rights of victims of violence"

Djazairouna is the leader of the project “Supporting the associations defending the rights of victims of violence', and it...

CLUSTER produces a Compilation of identified efficient practices aimed at tackling youth unemployment in 7 Mediterranean countries

The 'Compilation of identified efficient practices' is a document produced by CLUSTER’s project partner ARCES...

Formation en communication, gestion de conflit et leadership

l'association voix d'eve a organisé un cycle de formation en communication ,gestion des conflits et leadership pour 18...

Policy dialogue for more gender-sensitive municipal actions in Sfax

Following its advocacy campaign for parity in municipal councils, which contributed, along with other initiatives, to increasing...

Hiwar concludes its advocacy campaign on women and local politics in Ramallah

HIWAR Center for Youth and Women’s Empowerment in Ramallah, Palestine, implemented successfully a campaign on encouraging...

The FFEM promotes art as a catalyst for feminist struggle at the CIRFF congress

In August, FFEM organized several activities within the framework of the International Congress of Feminist Research in...