Foundation's Team

High Level Conference Women for the Mediterranean 2022

Created by Foundation's Team 241 days ago

...rence on Strenghtening the Role of Women in Society, which took accelerate the strengthening of women’s role in the Euro-Medi...ic life and decision-making, raise women´s participation in econ...UfM High-Level Conference on Women for the Mediterranean, h...

Foundation's Team

Mediterranean Women Breaking Barriers

Created by Foundation's Team 277 days ago

...quo;Strengthening the Role of Women in Society”. As Ambass...ces to strengthen the role of women in society. In the fifth conf...criminatory practices against women and clearly attest to the exi...; 4) Breaking Stereotypes; 5) Women Creators and Artists. This do...

Foundation's Team

Youth, Women and Employment in the Mediterranean Region: Continuity and Change

Created by Foundation's Team 451 days ago

...n 18 May this year in Marrakesh (Morocco), gave ministers the chance to address the issue of unemployment, particularly affecting young people and women in southern and eastern Medit...

Foundation's Team

Missed Opportunities : The High Cost of Not Educating Girls

Created by Foundation's Team 493 days ago

...mpacts of educational attainment for girls and women in six domains: (1) earnings...d with worse health and nutrition outcomes for women and their children, leading a...g, or helping others. Finally, when girls and women are better educated, they may...

Foundation's Team

The gendered impact of armed conflicts

Created by Foundation's Team 557 days ago

...fects every person, including men, women, and non-binary genders. Alth...of wars fall disproportionately on women. As evidenced by field data r...eleased by the United Nations (UN) Women about the ongoing Ukrainian c...Furthermore, it will also address women’s inclusion within peac...

Bochra Laghssais

Vulnerability or agency of Resistance and empowerment of indigenous women in Morocco

Created by Bochra Laghssais 569 days ago

...lities impact the lives of Amazigh women in Morocco. This work deals w...l vulnerability that these Amazigh women live: by being women, indigen...uation of vulnerability of Amazigh women, we also want to value the co...empowerment. The agency of Amazigh women and their resistance are a so...

Bochra Laghssais

Manifestation of Empowerment in Mernissi's Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood

Created by Bochra Laghssais 569 days ago

This paper analyzes women empowerment and its manifestation in Fatima Me...and patriarchal mentality of that time period, women in the Mernissi harem found transmit this to their daughters and other women through storytelling, theatre...

Foundation's Team

Sahrawi refugee camps and Sahrawi refugee women: a unique phenomenon in North Africa

Created by Foundation's Team 570 days ago

...Sahrawi refugee camps, Inès Daoudi, focuses on the situation of women in this context. She discusses the political will to integrate these women and their empowerment in the...

Foundation's Team

Testimonials of gender-based violence from Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 578 days ago

...estimonies, in the format of short stories, of women living in Palestine and suffe...of domestic violence, rape, forced marriages, women’s trafficking, consangu...fferent stories is to give visibility to these women which have long been neglecte...

Foundation's Team

2021 Regional Progress Report on Gender Equality: UfM Regional Dialogue on Women Empowerment in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Created by Foundation's Team 612 days ago

...reporting of the progress made on women’s rights and provide po...wing the impact this crisis had on women.  • Within the Eur...current generation of working-age women in MENA could add as much as...existence of global databases: UN Women, World Bank, ILO Stats, EIGE...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Tunisian Association of Women Judges- TAWJ
The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL)
MSA University
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya
Benaz Batrawi
Moroccan Association of Social Workers
National Broadcasting and Television Society - SNRT
CEDAW Association for Democracy and Human Rights
Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT)
Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne (UNFT)
Right and Democracy Organization
Tiro Association for Arts
Sanaa El Aji
Programme d'Appui à la Société Civile (PASC-TUNISIE)
Peace and friendship international organization. P4all
Kayan Feminist Organization
Maysa Hajjaj
Jbail- Byblos Municipality
AWARE Services & Consulting
Why Me for Women’s Rights
Jordanian Journalist Association
Social Association for Media Profession
Amal Wazan for women football
Khadija Zizi
Women'    s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)
The voice of Amazigh women
Kadın ve Demokrasi Derneği - KADEM - Women and Democracy Association
Infakto Research Workshop
Pertinence Sa Dynamisme Qualite
Moroccan Youth Association for Development AMDJ
Musawa Women’s Study Center
Bulgarian School of Politics  Dimitry Panitza
International Center for Rights and Freedoms (ICRF)
Monia Braham
Femmes et Leadership

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Shared practices

Plastic recycling female company in Oran

Krim plastico’s company was born to address the issue of environmental damage in the municipality of El bayadh (wilaya of...

Right to Inheritance

The main objective of the practice is the improvement of economic empowerment and the respect of economic women’s rights in...

Accompanying women in the creation of income generating activities (AGR : activités génératrices de revenus) creation and development in micro-businesses

The project is being carried out in Tangiers. The aim is to train women who already exercise an activity, to help them leave...

International Consortium for Gender Equality on Campus

The International Consortium for Gender Equality on Campus was created by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) as...

The street belongs to us - Campaign against sexual harassment: Making Egypt' s streets safer for women

The practice was initiated in 2004 with the aim of breaking the taboo that existed at that time, of sexual harassment. The...

Capacity building caravan of social actors in the southern Morocco

The practice was launched in 2009. Its aim is to provide political actors and associations from southern Morocco with the tools...

Video capsules - wee.can! women's economic empowerment

The project Wee. Can implemented by M. A. I. S. NGO aims to promote the social and economic empowerment of Syrian refugee...

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Tasharuk is part of the project 'Improving the resilience of communities in the governorate of Nablus through women’s empowerment...

«Accompagnement des femmes à la création d'activités génératrices de revenus (AGR)» Création et Développement de Microentreprises

Le projet est mené à Tanger, Il s'agit de former des femmes ayant déjà une activité dans le but et de les aider à sortir de...

Family Status Laws'Campaign

This practice was conducted to counter the rising demands from opponents to repeal the family laws tackling custody and...