Nada Anid


Member since 17 December 2019 @ 12:39pm

...o understand why the lack of interest in politics is so widespread among women and what is the public percep...ut their role in public life •Gathering women leaders from different initiative will reinforce the role of women in the consolidation of civil pe...


RIHAN ASSOCIATION for Youth and Development

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1: Fighting violence against women. 2: Readings of the law 103.13 regarding the fight against gender-based violence. 3: Youth and public policies. 4: Gender equality in politics. 5: Fighting domestic violence. 6: Non-exclusion.

Lorraine Spiteri

Malta Confederation of Women's Organisations - MCWO

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The Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations (MCWO) is involved...ties related to gender equality and women's rights and topics such as: • Women in Decision Making / Politics • Violence Against Women...Members take part in : • European Women’s Lobby (EWL) meetings and Inter...


Noha El Khouly

7 women appointed as deputy mayors in Egypt, a good yet not sufficient step!

Created by Noha El Khouly 127 days ago

...uding the Egyptian centre for Women’s Rights (ECWR) and the...the ECWR, does not represent women nor reflect their contributio...squo;s underrepresentation in politics is also due to government...decision-makers to search for women’s competencies and provide oppor...

Shayna Solomon

Women's Political Renaissance in Palestinian society in Israel

Created by Shayna Solomon 362 days ago

...was the first successful all-women political party list in Pales...omen’s participation in politics by planning and implementi...increase the participation of women on local committees. Building o...raise women’s voices in politics....

Susana Cereijo

FEM EU campaign: gender equality in the context of the European elections

Created by Susana Cereijo 365 days ago

...n in May 2018, aspires to put women’s rights at the core of European politics and to push for a feminist...perts specialized in European politics such as the European measures aiming to improve women’ rights in the EU. It also...



The participation of Tunisian women in political and associative life

Created by Hend M’HAMDI 816 days ago

...theme of the participation of Tunisian women in political and associative...forms of engagement and challenges that women face in participating in local politics. Starting from a research...ecessary to discuss the implications of women and the difficulties that they m...

Susana Cereijo

Forum about women leadership in the Mediterranean area in Jerez

Created by Susana Cereijo 1059 days ago

...Jerez de la Frontera, the Forum ’Women in the Mediterranean area: as a platform in order to make women visible as a force for change...different areas of work, such as politics, culture, economy and busi...) and from the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation. People inte...

Foundation's Team

Course: Women of the Future in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 1060 days ago

...asses and workshops on gender and politics will take place in Paris a...nce, in the framework of the 3rd "Women of the Future in the Mediterr...ourse is to guide and train young women in their professional and per...achievements. The selected young women will share training, discussions...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Establishing a coalition and advocacy for the introduction of the quota policy in Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 1724 days ago

...ns to designate a group of 30 women who could follow a training c...ies and to help them get into politics. At the end of trainings,...o promote political rights of women by increasing their chances o...icy Dialogue and MonitoringforWomen IN Society”, with the supp...

Foundation's Team

Women in armed conflicts and disappearances

Created by Foundation's Team 1725 days ago

...ctors weaken the evolution of women and their role in society in general, and in politics in particular.    The program chooses women who live in situations of individuals and as leaders women in their families. This practic...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for abstract for the conference Women and Gender Studies in the Middle East

Created by Foundation's Team 361 days ago

...onal conference ‘’Women and Gender Studies in the Mid...range of topics on gender and women’s studies in the social sciences and humanities: politics, economics, history, sexua...elling research on gender and women’s studies in the Middle Ea...

Foundation's Team

Make the most out of your summer!

Created by Foundation's Team 618 days ago

...favorite subject: Gender issues and women’s rights. Whether you...eminist Summer School of the German Women’s Council (DF), Berlin...ieve true parity in parliaments and politics from 14 to 16 September 2018 in Berlin. The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) and the Fren...

Susana Cereijo

Support for applications for predoctoral fellowships

Created by Susana Cereijo 1012 days ago

...ransmedial narratives / art, cinema, comics Philosophical thought by women - Modern and contemporary feminist theory LGTBQ studies / Politics of desire Cultural studies...


Foundation's Team

Documentary on MEAE's actions in favor of gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 731 days ago

The Priority Solidarity Funds (FSP) are part of the third objec...and Foreign Affairs (MEAE). The FSP "Women of the future in the Mediterr..., political and social empowerment of women in the region.  This do...der inequalities and the promotion of women&rs...

Foundation's Team

Axelle Magazine: A Belgian Feminist Monthly Review

Created by Foundation's Team 812 days ago

...s a Belgian feminist monthly review created in January 1998. Its publications and articles cover a wide array of topics such as politics, society matters, economy, women and human rights, cultural event...

Foundation's Team

WEBSITE: Women's eNews

Created by Foundation's Team 1362 days ago

Women’s eNews is an award-winning...g issues of particular concern to women and providing women’s perspectives on publi...d 2.5 million readers each year. Women’s eNews editors seek ou...he world to write on every topic: Politics, religion, economics, health,...


Foundation's Team

Women's Participation in Local Politics in Luxor Governorate, Egypt

Created by Foundation's Team 186 days ago

While gender stereotypes, roles and expectations intimidate women’s participation in political and public life in some countries...s are seen as one of the main challenges of gender mainstreaming and women&ac...

Foundation's Team

Women in politics: 2019

Created by Foundation's Team 351 days ago

The “Women in politics: 2019” map, created by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and UN Women, depicts global rankings for women in the executive and parliamenta...

Foundation's Team

Women and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa: Mapping the Field and Addressing Policy Dilemmas at the Post-2011 Juncture

Created by Foundation's Team 352 days ago

...of the diverse situations of women in the post-2011 MENA region....improvements in the lives of women in health and education but l...espread, as do limitations on women’s participation in politics and civil society. The rep...on that respects and supports women’s and LGBT rights without...


Foundation's Team

Field diagnosis: Women in leadership positions, local perceptions and obstacles in Ma'an Governorate / تشخيص ميداني: النساء في مراكز القيادة، وجهات النظر المحلية والعوائق في محافظة معان / Diagnostic de terrain : Les femmes au pouvoir, perceptions locales et obstacles à Ma'an (Jordanie)

Created by Foundation's Team 315 days ago

This diagnos is focuses on Jordanian women’ s practice of power and political responsibilities. It analyses existing legislations related to women’s involvementin the public life. It also explores local perceptions in this regard through a survey gauging the opinion of more ...

Foundation's Team

Analyzing the role of elected women in local authorities in Ifrane / Analyser le rôle des femmes élues dans les collectivités territoriales à Ifrane / دراسة دور النساء المنتخبات في الجماعات المحلية في إفران

Created by Foundation's Team 798 days ago

The principle of gender equality in Morocco is stated in the Constitution, more specifically in Article 19. Similarly, the laws of local authorities and the general legal environment confirm that gender equality is a priority for the country. However, following the 2015 regional and mun...