ADWAR Association

Roles for Social Change Association-ADWAR

Member since 15 December 2021 @ 4:05pm

...y, to reduce violence against women so they will be capable of active, civic participation and living in a empowering the Palestinian women and girls economically, to reduce unemp...awareness of the Palestinian women and girls, in addition to encourage them to par...

Belen Gonzalez Alvarez

Libyan Women ORG

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:02pm

...follow four our organization and must be a reality for women and girls and stands behind women’s equal participation in all aspects of lif...adership. • Training courses: • Empowering the Libyan women and girls to be what they want to be. • Vindic...

محمد الارضي

Moroccan Association of Social Workers

Member since 31 August 2018 @ 1:26pm associations working with women in difficult situations - De...age education, especially for girls in rural areas - Supporting activities directed to girls' reception centers - Develop...ograms for youth - Enhancing women's participation in the management of pilot pr...

Mahmoud Farag

Social Association for Media Profession

Member since 10 April 2018 @ 6:01pm

...eets of Alexandria • Develop women's capacities through small-sc...abused children and battered womenParticipation in awareness campaign...nile centres and shelters for girls • Presenting a radio program...violence against children and women) • A radio program to change tribal...

Tharwat Gaballa

Horus Foundation for Development and Training

Member since 26 January 2018 @ 3:17pm

...itled "Towards more effective participation of women and men, and the integration...r to call to gain support for women's issues in Egypt. - Suppor...girl´´ project which supports girls education in marginalized upper Egypt - Empowering girls and children to continue their educat...

Nadia Harb

Rural Women's Development Socity

Member since 19 January 2017 @ 12:38pm

...n rural communities and 3000+ women members in a network of 60 women’s clubs.We advance the rights...advocacy as tools to develop women into strong, committed, and able lead...rking not only with women and girls, but also with boys and men, as well...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Global Forum for Religions and Humanity (GFRH)
União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta
Morocco Volunteers
European Observatory on Femicide
Association des Filles de la Renaissance
Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms M.A.L.I.
Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development Center (ACT)
Nansen Dialogue Montenegro
CIHEAM Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo
Europeans Without Borders
Green Globe
Women's Security Index (WSI)
Union de l'Action Feministe (UAF)
The Digital Museum of Women  Zatek
Future Foundation for Media and Culture
Association Feminine de Lutte contre le Violence à l'Egard de la Femme et de l'Enfant (AFLCVF)
Ministry of Women , Family and Children
Aix Marseille Université
The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH)
Association des femmes pour le développement et la culture
NGOs Today
French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby (C.L.E.F.)
Association féminine pour la protection de la famille
Portuguese Association of Women in Legal Careers
ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality
Almobadr Organization for Development and Capacity Building
Kadın ve Demokrasi Derneği - KADEM - Women and Democracy Association
Research Team on Gender
Forsaan Al-Ghad Youth Association
Mediterranean Network against Trafficking Women (MNATW)
Association Corrente Rosa
Immigrant Women in Catalonia Association (AOMICAT)
NAWF Women Entrepreneurs
AWARE Services & Consulting
Hassène Kassar

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The Rural Education Fund makes pre-schoolers happy

The Zakoura Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of 3 pre-schools within the framework of the Fonds pour...

Palestinian traditional wedding flash mob organized by a women-owned bazaar goes viral as symbol of interreligious dialogue

A video of a traditional Palestinian wedding with Muslim Palestinian women and Christian nuns dancing together went viral on the...

The 2016 anual report of Zakoura Foundation is online

The Zakoura Foundation, which is engaged in deploying programs in response to the growing needs in the communities, coordinated...

Our Illustration Exhibition Drawing 4 Equality at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

From the Ateneu L’Harmonia, our illustration Exhibition Drawing 4 Equality: Challenging gender roles on both sides of...

Political dialogues to follow up on CSO WINS's 8 campaigns on women's rights

Each one of the 8 associations that are part of the project CSO WINS will carry out policy dialogue actions during the first...

ندوة تحت عنوان العنف ضد النساء خلال جائحة كورونا حصيلة وشهادات

في إطار الحملة الاممية لمناهضة العنف ضد النساء, نظمت فدرالية رابطة حقوق النساء يوم 24 نونبر 2020 ندوة تحت عنوان العنف ضد النساء...

Call for advocacy and political dialogue of successful practices for equality

10 March 2015This call was launched within the framework of the CSO WINS project funded by the CEuropean Union. The general...

United Way Worldwide, un nouveau partenaire international pour la Fondation Zakoura

United Way Worldwide, pour le compte de la Fondation 3M, a signé une convention de partenariat avec la Fondation Zakoura pour la...

The Foundation in the 2nd UfM Regional Dialogue on Women Empowerment

Last April 25th-26th the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation participated in the working groups meeting within the...

Forming Responsible Citizens project: Focus groups held in Morocco

During the days of 17 and 18 of January 2017, took place in Casablanca two focus group meetings for the validation material of...