Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (Gaza) holds orientation sessions on combating gender-based violence

Created by Andalib Adwan 9 days ago improve the protection of women and girls in the Gaza Strip from gender...well as supporting women and girls’ access to multi-sector...ess of promoting awareness of women’s rights and meetings targeting men and women in marginalized areas in cooperation...

Andalib Adwan

CMC carries out a hearing on the adoption of a draft law on family protection from violence

Created by Andalib Adwan 116 days ago

...ighth of March, International Women’s Day. In fact, on Marc...ts and opportunities",saw the participation of more than 80 femal...ating the access of women and girls victims and survivors of violence to...of domestic violence against women and all members of Palestinian societ...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center launches the Our Spaces mobile application to facilitate access for women victims of violences to services in the Gaza Strip

Created by Andalib Adwan 148 days ago

...ivacy and confidentiality for women and girls. In this context, the Communi...tates the access of women and girls victims and survivors of GBV...ect "Improving Protection for Women and Youth from Gender-Based V...well as supporting women and girls’ access to multi-sectoral servi...

Rabha Fathi

A National Call to Protect Children's Rights and Criminalize Early Marriage

Created by Rabha Fathi 232 days ago stressed the importance of women’s rights and the import...riminalizes child marriage in participation with NGOs’ network and with effective participation of various members of the Egy...from the National Council for Women and the National Council for Motherho...

Foundation's Team

The Generation Equality Forum concludes in Paris with announcement of commitments

Created by Foundation's Team 403 days ago

...pact that COVID-19 has had on women and girls. Gender equality advocates ha...recovery plans to ensure that women and girls are not left behind as the wo...step-change in resourcing for women’s and girls’ rights. Lack of financ...illion in feminist funding to girls education activists  P&...

Foundation's Team

Libyan women have the right to more than just a seat at the table in their country's peace process

Created by Foundation's Team 647 days ago

...and meaningful inclusion and participation of women in the peace process at this...d, and killed. Nearly 200,000 girls and women have been displaced...levels and nationwide. Yet women have remained largely excluded from t...arena and a truly meaningful participation in peace negotiations, and wi...

Riham Faqih

MIFTAH caps off four training workshops within its protection and promotion of women's human rights project

Created by Riham Faqih 661 days ago

...ries of training workshops on women’s political participation, gender-based violenc...pecial focus on the political participation of women. This is with the ultimate go...e Protection and Promotion of Women’s Human Rights” in partne...

Foundation's Team

Let's name March 8 every day and everywhere!

Created by Foundation's Team 808 days ago

...ived to highlight the work of women and girls leading transformative projec...reneurs, and encourages their participation in public life. By ne...reiz works to involve refugee women in the initiatives of the Network. ...rights of Egyptian women and girls. As an ambassador, gender equality ha...

Maria Àngels Roque

IEMed's Gender Equality Programme is now a member of the CNDC

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1124 days ago

...on of sexist violence against women on October 22 and 23, 2019 six areas: human rights of women; education and culture; labou...rights; social and political participation; health, sexual and reproduct...ts and the right of women and girls to live free of gender based violence...

Foundation's Team

Updates of the W7: urging G7 governments to tackle gender inequality worldwide

Created by Foundation's Team 1199 days ago

...different countries defending women’s rights – has be...he Euro – Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM) tog...o ensure a full and effective participation of women and girls in decision-making in the G7...nd their effects on women and girls. Additionally, the W7 Movement will...