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The Electoral Presence of Women in Morocco : Progress and Contradictions

Created by Foundation's Team 1548 days ago

The trajectory of Moroccan women’s formal participation in the political sphere has undergone several changes in the...explores some of the dynamics that explain why women’s participation in the political sphere in Mo...

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Feminist Perspectives on Care Work in the MENA Region

Created by Foundation's Team 1550 days ago

Feminist activists and scholars concur that the care economy is vital to no surprise that Arab states have the lowest rates of female labour force participation globally. Progress at this le...

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Women's access to the political sphere in Lebanon: an obstacle race

Created by Foundation's Team 1653 days ago

The conditions of Lebanese women’s access to education, as well as t...bya, Syria, Iraq or Jordan. A field diagnosis about women’s political participation in Lebanon, conducted by the...

Maria Àngels Roque

Women as Key Players for Mediation, Peace and Security

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1689 days ago

In 2000, the UN recognized the role and responsibilities of women at the c...prevention and resolution of these conflicts. Since the UN recognition, the participation of women in mediation process...

Maria Àngels Roque

Social Transformation in a Digital Age: Women's Participation in a Civil and Political Domains in the MENA Region

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1716 days ago

This article explains how women’s use of new media technologies, cyb...ight the need for advocacy and lobbying to increase women’s access and participation in the public and political l...

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Women's Participation in Local Politics in Luxor Governorate, Egypt

Created by Foundation's Team 1760 days ago

While gender stereotypes, roles and expectations intimidate women’s participation in political and public life...gender mainstreaming and women´s political participation. To better understand this s...

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Women's participation in peace processes and negotiations in the Arab World

Created by Foundation's Team 1765 days ago

This guide aims to increase the knowledge of Arab women about the factors influencing their participation, and to strengthen their capa...

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Gender and Trade: Empowering Women towards Gender Equality in the MENA Region through Gender Mainstreaming in Economic Policies and Trade Agreements

Created by Foundation's Team 1765 days ago

This report is one of the fruits of the collab...conomic empowerment of women with focus on their participation to and presence in Trade of data and information related to women participation in Trade in six countries: th...

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The Political Marginalization of Palestinian Women in the West Bank

Created by Foundation's Team 1765 days ago

Though Palestinian women have always played a...allenges when it comes to activism and political participation. This policy brief addresses...ideration of Palestinian women’s political participation and then examining the reason...

Mozn Hassan

The Feminist Movement in Egypt is still alive

Created by Mozn Hassan 1781 days ago

This dialogue with the Executive Director of Nazra for Feminist Studies, M...g of the public sphere which hinders women mobilizations, impedes their full participation in social and economic life....