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Are Females good Managers in MENA Countries? / Les femmes font-elles de bons cadres dans les pays de la région MENA ? / هل النساء مديرات جيدات في بلدان الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا؟

Created by Foundation's Team 2215 days ago

This policy brief tries to answer the important question of whether firms gain from women participation in management positions. The debate on academic and policy levels have not reached a consensus regarding the existence of gender gaps in firm performance. This policy brief attempts t...

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The Challenges of Climate Change in the Mediterranean / تحديات التغير المناخي في البحر الأبيض المتوسط / Les défis du changement climatique en Méditerranée

Created by Foundation's Team 2217 days ago

This report provides an update on the realities of climate change in the Mediterranean countries, as well as on the carious actions implemented by stakeholders to face the different challenges of climate change and fight against it. In the 8th chapter, the report highlights the role of ...

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Rural Woman and Local Development in Tunisia, Palestine and Jordan / Femme rurale et développement local en Tunisie, en Palestine et en Jordanie / المرأة الريفية والتنمية المحلية في تونس وفلسطين والأردن

Created by Foundation's Team 2218 days ago

This research conducted for the “Rural Woman and Local Development” study has been designed as part of the Regional Economic Empowerment of Woman Project (REEWP), which aims to provide rural woman with an environment conducive to sustainable economic development. The main ob...

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Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Public Administration - Romania case study / Égalité femmes-hommes et autonomisation des femmes dans l'administration publique - Roumanie comme étude de cas / المساواة بين الجنسين وتمكين المرأة في الإدارة العامة - دراسة حالة رومانيا

Created by Foundation's Team 2270 days ago

This study was conducted within the framework of UNDP Global Initiative on Gender Equality in Public Administration (GEPA) which focuses on (i) Supporting women’s empowerment and expanded participation and leadership in the executive branch of the state; and (ii) Contributing to t...

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UNSCR 1325'National Action Plan Map / Carte des plans d'action nationaux pour la CSNU 1325 / خريطة الخطط الوطنية لدول العالم و التزاماتها بقرار مجلس الأمن 1325

Created by Foundation's Team 2292 days ago

"Our Secure Future Program" created this interactive map to track the status of world states commitments to UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSC 1325). The latter was the first formal and legal document from the Security Council that required parties in a conflict to prevent violat...

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A garden for all-women and youth rebuild safe and inclusive spaces in Gaza / Un jardin pour toutes et tous : à Gaza, des femmes et des jeunes reconstruisent des espaces sûrs et ouverts à toutes et tous / حديقة للجميع - النساء والشباب يعيدون بناء مساحات آمنة و تشاركية في غزة

Created by Foundation's Team 2295 days ago

Green, open spaces where everyone can convene, relax and take a break may be taken for granted in some parts of the world. For women and girls in Al-Shoka, a conflict affected neighbourhood in Gaza, this was a distant dream, until now. It took three female architects and a group of youn...

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Women's guide to constitution making / Le guide des femmes pour l'élaboration de la constitution / دليل النساء لصنع الدستور

Created by Foundation's Team 2296 days ago

The purpose of this guide is to support women seeking to influence a constitution-making process in their country. It provides guidance for women advocates from women advocates, as well as other constitutional experts. This guide is intended for women involved in all aspects of constitu...

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How women influence constitution making after conflict and unrest / كيف تؤثر النساء على صنع الدستور بعد النزاعات والاضطرابات / Comment les femmes influencent la constitution après les conflits et les troubles

Created by Foundation's Team 2301 days ago

Over the past two decades, women’s participation in constitution making has expanded. Women are increasingly taking on roles as drafters and technical experts, or otherwise representing the needs and interests of their communities. But women are not yet equal participants; an elem...

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France's international strategy for gender equality (2018-2022) / Stratégie internationale de la France pour l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes (2018-2022) / استراتيجية فرنسا الدولية للمساواة بين الجنسين (2018-2022)

Created by Foundation's Team 2321 days ago

Gender inequalities persist throughout the world and even worsen in some cases. Faced with this, France reinforces the coherence and effectiveness of so-called "gender" actions in its development aid policies as well as its external action. The 3rd International Strategy for Equality be...

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The World Survey on the role of women in development 2014: Gender equality and sustainable development / L'enquête mondiale sur le rôle des femmes dans le développement 2014: Égalité des genres et développement durable / الدراسة الاستقصائية العالمية حول دور المرأة في التنمية 2014: المساواة بين ال...

Created by Foundation's Team 2343 days ago

The World Survey on the Role of Women in Development is a UN Secretary-General report mandated by the Second Committee of the General Assembly and comes out every five years. The 2014 report focuses on gender equality and sustainable development, with chapters on the green economy and c...