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Wage inequalities between women and men - An overview / Les inégalités de salaires entre les femmes et les hommes - état des lieux / عدم المساواة في الأجور بين النساء والرجال - نظرة عامة

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This analysis provides an overview of wage inequalities between women and men. And it mentions that men earn 23.5% more than women. Nearly 11% of wage differentials between the sexes are unexplained and are "pure" discrimination. The higher the salary scale, the greater the gap between ...

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Sharing unpaid work - Extract from "Overview of OECD Statistics 2013": economy, environment and society / Le partage du travail non rémunéré - Extrait de « Panorama des statistiques de l'OCDE 2013 » : économie , environnement et société / تقاسم العمل المدفوع الأجر – فصل من " بانوراما إحصائيات من...

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The document presents a special chapter of the 2013 OECD statistics panorama on the topic of sex equality in the sharing of time of unpaid work. This is the most complete statistical publication of the OECD and it provides data covering quite a long period. These statistics could be considered as...