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COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

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...ation Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (ADFM), MOROCCO: ...é de Presse “Les femmes victimes de violences doublement impactée...: 04-853-3044 Forum Femmes Méditerranée:&n...Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates, TUNISIE:&n...


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Internet site with information on sexual violence / Site Internet avec des informations sur les violences sexuelles / موقع على الانترنيت حول العنف الجنسي في بلجيكا

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This website aims to provide both general information on the different types of sexual violence, as well as practical information about the various support services and associations that exist in Belgium to support victims of sexual violence. The website was launched by the Federation ...

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Early/Child Marriage in Syrian Refugee Communities / Mariage précoce/mariage des mineures dans les communautés de Syriens réfugiés / الزواج المبكر و زواج القاصرات في مجتمعات اللاجئين السوريين

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This report focuses on the issue of child/early marriage among young girls in Syrian refugee communities, with a special focus on the case of Zaatari camp in Jordan.It analysis the factors that contribute to this problem, such as the ecnonomic need, protecting girls from rape and sexual harrasmen...

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Finding Convergence in Policy Frameworks: A background paper on policy links between gender, violence against women and girls, and female genital mutilation/cutting / Trouver des points communs entre différents cadres stratégiques : document sur les liens existant entre différentes stratégies de ...

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This paper provides an overview of information related to both FGM/C and VAWG. It looks at the similarity of the many underlying causes and contributing factors that increase the risk of VAWG and FGM/C. It also aims to identify intersections in policy frameworks and programme approaches in addres...

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Manifesto against rape: Let's break the silence / MANIFESTE CONTRE LE VIOL : BRISONS LE SILENCE ! / بيان ضد الاغتصاب: لنكسر الصمت!

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In this manifesto, the CFFB points out that in Belgium the figures relating to violence and sexual violence against women are overwhelming for facts that remain - unfortunately too often little sanctioned. The CFFB calls for better care and assistance for the victims, procedures for medical bodie...

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“We Are Still Here” Women on the Front Lines of Syria's Conflict / Nous sommes toujours ici. Les femmes aux premières lignes du conflit syrien. / "ما زلنا هنا" نساء على خطوط الجبهة في الصراع السوري

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This report profiles 17 Syrian refugee women, who have been subjected to arbitrary detention, physical abuse, torture, sexual harassment and assault, indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas, or discriminatory restrictions on their dress code and movement. It reflects the various roles that women...

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The World' s Women 2010: Trends and Statistics / Les femmes dans le monde 2010 : tendances et statistiques / نساء العالم 2010: الإتجاهات و الإحصائيات

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This is the fifth in a series of reports published since 1991 to analyse the status of women and men based on statistics on diverse fields of life. The report examines 196 countries and eight fields of action: population and families; health; education; employment; power and decision-making; viol...