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The Global Treaty to End Violence Against Women and Girls / Activistes des droits des femmes au Maroc et en Tunisie lance le traité mondial pour mettre fin à la violence à l'égard des femmes et des filles / المعاهدة العالمية لإنهاء العنف ضد النساء والفتيات

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 969 days ago

Women’s rights activists in Morocco, Tunisia, and 126 other countries launch global treaty to end violence against women and girls After eight years of development, the draft treaty is finally ready to be finalized and ratified by UN member states (November 16, 2021) - Today, a we...

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Internet site with information on sexual violence / Site Internet avec des informations sur les violences sexuelles / موقع على الانترنيت حول العنف الجنسي في بلجيكا

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This website aims to provide both general information on the different types of sexual violence, as well as practical information about the various support services and associations that exist in Belgium to support victims of sexual violence. The website was launched by the Federation ...

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The gender dimension of human trafficking / La dimension genre et la traite des être humains / البعد الجندري للإتجار بالبشر

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Data on the prevalence of human trafficking show that the majority of the victims are women and girls. Sexual exploitation is by far the first purpose of trafficking in women. This briefing highlights the special vulnerabilities of women and girls and the efforts of the European Union and the int...