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Summary of the study carried out on the violent deaths observed within couples in 2015 / Synthèse de l’étude menée sur les morts violentes constatées au sein du couple au cours de l’année 2015 / ملخص دراسة حول الوفيات العنيفة بين الشركاء الحميمين في 2015

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For the tenth consecutive year, the delegation to the victims has documented violent deaths within couples, for the Ministry of Interior. The report concludes that, in France, and during 2015, 136 people died, victims of their partner or former life partner (spouse, partner or "ex" in a...

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Unrecognised Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children in Child, Early and Forced Marriage / Exploitation et harcèlement sexuels non reconnus dans les cas de mariages précoces, de mariages forcés et de mariages de mineures / الإعتداء و الإستغلال الجنسي غير المعترف به في حالات زواج الأطفال, الزوا...

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This thematic report highlights the link between child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) and sexual abuse and exploitation of children (CSEC). It proposes a conceptual framework through which to analytically examine the various forms of sexual violence being perpetrated in the context of early ma...

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Estimating the costs of gender-based violence in the European Union- Report / Estimation des coûts de la violence fondée sur le genre dans l'Union européenne - rapport / تقدير التكاليف المترتبة على العنف القائم على النوع الإجتماعي في الإتحاد الأوربي-تقرير

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The report provides an analysis of methodological options in the existing literature and studies, on the costs to society of intimate partner violence. It includes a case study on this issue in the UK during 2012, and provides a calculation of the costs in the EU. The report aims at supporting po...