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Foundation's Team

The Executive Committee of EMWF unanimously elects Ms. Bouraoui new President of the Foundation

Created by Foundation's Team 233 days ago

...ous topics were discussed including gender and climate, women’s economic empowerment, legal and social rights, and the fight against gender violence - thanks to the support and c...

Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 241 days ago

...n’s empowerment and the realization of a de facto equality for all women and girls. These topics ranged from the myths associated to sexual violence, the power relations between...

Leandra Hettenbach

Femicide - Read about Kayan's Key Findings on Femicide

Created by Leandra Hettenbach 251 days ago

...f femicide in the Palestinian society. Kayan - Feminist Organization is proud to add significant contribution to the existing body of research on violence against women, hoping that it...

Maria Alabdeh

16 Days of Activism: What is Violence to Me?

Created by Maria Alabdeh 285 days ago

...s to help spread awareness about violence, its impacts, and the differe...t manifests itself. The types of violence they chose to talk about resu...y spoke about different types of violence in the context of war, displa...k about this sensitive topic and violence is an everyday reality for mo...

Mozn Hassan

Nazra for Feminist Studies launches A Story behind the Story during the campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Created by Mozn Hassan 293 days ago

...umber of feminists and activists overlooking their right to a balanced life. During the global campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence this year, Nazra for Feminist...

Rabha Fathi

The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers finalizes the awareness sessions about the international conventions of women's rights and MAPUTO Protocol

Created by Rabha Fathi 300 days ago

...onomic empowerment for women and protecting women against all forms of violence and harmful practices. •...sure values of citizenship, tolerance, dialogue and combating inciting violence and discrimination. From her...

Rabha Fathi

The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers launches its Strategic Plan

Created by Rabha Fathi 307 days ago

...he institutional capacities of AEFL and partner associations in the field of raising awareness and providing services. 4- Combating all forms of violence and discrimination against wo...

Rabha Fathi

AEFL starts events of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

Created by Rabha Fathi 307 days ago

Awareness session about girls’ marriage and violence against women was held in the context combat child marriage and #16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign. In line with #16 D...

Foundation's Team

EBRD approves strategies for promotion of gender equality and equality of opportunity

Created by Foundation's Team 310 days ago women’s full participation in the economy and public life, including the lack of affordable care and the persistent risk of gender-based violence and harassment. To date, the...

Foundation's Team

Stop Violence Against Women: Statement by the European Commission and the High Representative

Created by Foundation's Team 310 days ago

...following statement: “Violence against women and girls is a...orm of physical and/or sexual violence. One in 10 women reported a relationship. Domestic violence had been a ‘shadow pand...d protected them or prevented violence against them, educated 880,00...


Esther Fouchier

Online debate: Women of the Mediterranean, between violence and strategies for freedom

Created by Esther Fouchier 675 days ago

...Wthin the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women celebrated on the workplace? How can we act to put an end to and prevent physical violence, rape and feminicide? The ob...

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

The prevention of Gender-Based Violence at University: From Knowledge to Action for Change

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 675 days ago

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign (25 November-10 December)...s partners a virtual seminar (zoom) on "The prevention of Gender-Based Violence at University: From Knowledge...

Foundation's Team

WEBINAR - Rethinking Gender-Based Violence in 2020: Perspectives from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria

Created by Foundation's Team 685 days ago

...different types of gender-based violence that have increased and trans...gacy that informs these types of violence came into full play during th...tand the mapping of gender-based violence in their countries, drawing,...anges and continuities regarding violence against women in 2020; Local...

Foundation's Team

DECIDES Europe: Final Conference on GBV

Created by Foundation's Team 695 days ago

...conference of the DECIDES Europe project, Preventing Gender-Based Violence – the Youth’s Out...20). The project seeks to contribute to the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) by improving the awaren...

Maria Àngels Roque

UfM High-Level Conference, 16-20 November 2020 - Accelerating Gender Equality in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 696 days ago

...nfokit here. Conference Themes: Women on the frontline of COVID-19 Women’s economic participation and the impact of COVID-19 Ending violence against women (VAWG) Mainstr...

Maria Àngels Roque

Dialogue on the impacts of COVID-19: Fighting gender-based violence in the four motors for Europe

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 706 days ago

...the Eradication of Gender-Based Violence (organized by the Institut Ca...ent “Fighting Gender-Based Violence in the Four Motors for Europe...he point of view of gender-based violence. During the event, participan...erience of tackling gender-based violence during the pandemic. Registe...

Foundation's Team

New chance to visit our photography exhibition on gender stereotypes, now in Vic

Created by Foundation's Team 733 days ago in the Euro-Mediterranean region", launched by the Foundation in November 2017 on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the exhibition...

Noha El Khouly

The Impact of COVID-19 on Violence Against Women

Created by Noha El Khouly 748 days ago

...s should be taken to confront the increase in violence against women. The Egypt...0% of NGOs emphasized an increase in domestic violence against women by the husband...itled "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Violence against Women" on Tuesday, 15...

Foundation's Team

Feminist Collective for the GENERATION EQUALITY Forum 2021

Created by Foundation's Team 748 days ago conventions aimed at eliminating them; - By the rise in violence against women and girls, alth...ides in France, for example. The health crisis has seen an increase in violence against women and children;...

Foundation's Team

Our photo exhibition Women in action keeps touring: in Manresa until March 8

Created by Foundation's Team 961 days ago

...ber and current headquarters the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Do not miss o...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Protection of women's rights through concerted actions at national, regional and international levels.

Created by Foundation's Team 2636 days ago

...iety and the rights of women and girls who are victims of gender based violence. To achieve this goal, it ini...odies. GAF also provides assistance and support to victims of domestic violence, and it organizes seminars an...

Foundation's Team

Palestinian women through the eyes of their youth

Created by Foundation's Team 2636 days ago

Gender based violence (GBV) is still considered a taboo in Palestinia...s created major changes in the laws relating to violence against women. JCW has worked...ught a different perspective to what victims of violence faced. The women were able to...

Foundation's Team

Women in armed conflicts and disappearances

Created by Foundation's Team 2636 days ago

...The successful practice targets Palestinian women who experience violence of the occupation and its repressive practices. They suffer, in addition, social types of violence because they live in a patria...

Foundation's Team

Partnership, advice, support and training services in domestic abuse and harmful practices

Created by Foundation's Team 2636 days ago

...The successful practice promotes the safety of women suffering domestic abuse and harmful practices, such as forced marriage, honour based violence and Female Genital Mutilation...

Foundation's Team

Call for social, cultural and health rights for young street mothers

Created by Foundation's Team 2693 days ago

...he case of young street mothers aged 14 to 22 who are often victims of violence and are pregnant after having...and change of traditions and cultures strengthening discrimination and violence against women. By developing...

Foundation's Team

Rehabilitation and reintegration of former women prisoners in the provinces of Al Sharqia, Ismailia, Port Said and Alexandria

Created by Foundation's Team 2693 days ago work. It is also worth mentioning the establishment of a shelter for former women prisoners without family support and for women survivors of violence as well as the Research Unit...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Free online course for educating young people on gender and GBV

Created by Foundation's Team 1090 days ago

...lity and working on the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) with young people, this...ating young people on gender and gender-based violence" from the 16th of October to...sp;link between human rights and gender-based violence, how to run non-formal h...

Foundation's Team

Logo competition for the 16 days of activism against GBV in Palestine!

Created by Foundation's Team 1110 days ago

...ts campaign marking the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based (GBV) Violence in Palestine? If you answer...tine to fight GBV in Palestine which is ‘’Together Against violence’’. Candidates are...

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

Call for proposals: Contest against GBV in universities

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 1189 days ago

...Tunisia and Morocco entitled: "Best innovative advocacy campaigns initiatives for fighting against the impunity for the perpetrators gender-based violence (GBV) in universities ". Thi...

Foundation's Team

Make the most out of your summer!

Created by Foundation's Team 1530 days ago

...ourse offers insight into key issues in the study of gender, state and violence in the Middle East. The cours...e also offering a gendered approach to the study of state-building and violence in the Middle East. This even...

Foundation's Team

Writing fellowships for Arab scholars and activists on Gendered resistance

Created by Foundation's Team 1542 days ago

...writings and papers must focus on resistance from gender-centered perspectives. Applicants must critically explore not only structural and social violence and different forms of oppres...

Foundation's Team

2 initiatives from UN Women to celebrate International Women's Day

Created by Foundation's Team 1689 days ago

...ngage men as partners and key actors in achieving empowerment and gender equality. The initiative will focus on topics such as sexual harassment, violence and paternity. All details a...

Foundation's Team

MEDFEST launches its second edition short film festival

Created by Foundation's Team 1691 days ago

...; In Vitro Fertilization (IVF); Infertility; Pregnancy; Abortion; Motherhood; Postnatal Depression; Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); Gender Based Violence (GBV); War and women; Women a...

Foundation's Team

Call for expression of interest for experts in women's empowerment

Created by Foundation's Team 1768 days ago

...member states of the UfM in several fields of its activities (among them women’s economic empowerment; women’s leadership; violence against women; gender respons...

Foundation's Team

The Foundation launches a photography contest

Created by Foundation's Team 1773 days ago

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25th of November), we launch a photography contest with the goal of highligh...

Foundation's Team

UN Women launches a new call for grants to eliminate violence against women

Created by Foundation's Team 1788 days ago

...The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women calls for&...adequate multi-sectoral services to end violence against women and girls; (2)...and accountability systems to prevent and end violence against women and girls; and...


Foundation's Team

Gender equality in the audio-visual sector: Arab women in films

Created by Foundation's Team 1223 days ago

...s created by Fe-Male Feminist Collective and Dawaer Foundation whose vision is to have a society where youth and children are protected from violence and extremism. ...

Foundation's Team

Powerful campaign by Kafa against sexual violence in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1410 days ago which represents any woman who is the victim of any form of sexual violence on the street, at school, at...werful message reflecting the horrific psychological effects of sexual violence on women....

Foundation's Team

Legal definitions of gender based violence in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1433 days ago

The term Gender Based Violence (GBV) includes any harmful act that affects...It includes, but it is not limited to, sexual violence, domestic violence, human tra...efinitions of different types of gender-based violence used in EU Member States, acc...

Foundation's Team

Documentary - Equality: It's All in the Family

Created by Foundation's Team 1474 days ago

...ights the path toward legal reform. This documentary is just one part WLP’s global initiative: Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender-Based Violence....

Foundation's Team

Internet site with information on sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 1479 days ago

...s to provide both general information on the different types of sexual violence, as well as practical and associations that exist in Belgium to support victims of sexual violence. The website was launched by...

Foundation's Team

E-Portal: Legal and human rights of women and men between equality and gaps

Created by Foundation's Team 1510 days ago

...e legal status of women in the Arab region. The portal allows users to search for laws on different topics and rights such as education, health, violence, political participation, con...

Foundation's Team

Arab Knowledge Platform on Gender Based Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 1510 days ago

...Women’s Foundation, the Arab Knowledge Platform on Gender Based Violence is a virtual platform aiming to Enhance knowledge sharing on Gender Based Violence (GBV) Collect published rese...

Foundation's Team

The Gender Equality Index in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1537 days ago

...owledge, time, power, health which are combined into a core Index that is complemented by two additional, equally important, satellite domains of violence and intersecting inequalities...

Foundation's Team

Art for promoting equality and fighting patriarchy in Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 1606 days ago

..., events and art. Her art focus on taboo subjects in Moroccan society, as well as the inequalities and the difference forms of discrimination and violence that women often face in the...

Foundation's Team

Directory of institutions working to combat violence against women

Created by Foundation's Team 1629 days ago

...ll as protection for abused women who have been or may be subjected to violence in all Palestinian governorat...among  the institutions that provide services to women victims of violence....


Foundation's Team

Reaching Refugee Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Evaluation of a Mobile Approach to Service Delivery in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 517 days ago

...ogram began implementing an innovative mobile approach to gender-based violence response and mitigation servi....5 million people had been forcibly displaced as a result of conflict, violence, and human rights violations....

Foundation's Team

My body is my own: Claiming the right to autonomy and self-determination

Created by Foundation's Team 523 days ago

...–many of which have worsened under the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, as record numbers of women and girls are at riskof gender-based violence and harmful practices such as...

Foundation's Team

Combating Violence against Women : a manual for teachers on gender sensitive education

Created by Foundation's Team 527 days ago

As part of the EU-funded regional programme Combating Violence against Women in the Southern Mediterranean Region (2019-2021), the EuroMed Feminist Initiative devel...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

Transforming obstacles into opportunities: The response to violence against women during the COVID pandemic in Morocco

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 530 days ago

...eview and assessment of the State response to violence against women during the COVI...ommittees for the support of women victims of violence, as well as individual meetin...tors and each individual sector’s response to violence against women during the COVI...

Foundation's Team

Gender violence among youth: An effective program of preventive socialization to address a public health problem

Created by Foundation's Team 530 days ago is increasingly exposed to violence in sexual-affective relations...n has given rise to many anti-violence programs for adolescents and...ntive socialization of gender violence addressed to adolescents attractiveness and violence, supporting the transformatio...

Foundation's Team

Rethinking Gender-Based Violence: Perspectives from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria

Created by Foundation's Team 555 days ago

...the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in 2020, the Eu...) organised an online seminar on gender-based violence (GBV). The seminar sought to...he subtleties of the increase in gender-based violence accompanying the Covid-19 pan...

Foundation's Team

Gender-Based Violence : Report on Catalan Statistics

Created by Foundation's Team 580 days ago

...ctions to eradicate this type of violence.  This edition collects...the Generalitat on gender-based violence, data on feminicide and data...ties and freedoms. Gender-based violence takes place in a framework of...mic, an increase in gender-based violence is being observed and much of...

Foundation's Team

Sexism at work: how can we stop it? Handbook for the EU institutions and agencies

Created by Foundation's Team 586 days ago cultural change.The handbook also touches on ways to deal with sexual harassment, which is illegal,constitutes discrimination and is a form of violence. EU-wide legal obligations ne...

Foundation's Team

Ending violence against women and girls with disabilities in the European Union

Created by Foundation's Team 593 days ago Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2020 together titled  ”Ending violence against women and girls with...girls faced multiple forms of violence. Data show that, on average,...e potential to combat and end violence against women and girls with...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

Promoting State Responsibility for Sexual Violence against Women in Morocco

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 611 days ago It included interviews with women who had been subjected to sexual violence, group discussions, an online...he country. This report builds on women’s experiences of sexual violence, its impact on their lives an...


Foundation's Team

FFEM contributes to the collective feminist debate at Paris-Nanterre University / مؤسسة نساء الأورومتوسط تسهم بالنقاش النسوي الجمعي في جامعة باريس نانتير / La FFEM contribue au débat féministe collectif à l'université Paris-Nanterre

Created by Foundation's Team 1489 days ago

With the presence of 20 researchers and leaders of associations committed to equality, our Foundation contributed to the collective reflection on the relations of patriarchy and contemporary feminist issues, subjects at the heart of the debate of the 8th Congress of Feminist Research in...

Foundation's Team

Women and Men in Belgium: Gender Statistics and Indicators / Femmes et hommes en Belgique : Statistiques et indicateurs de genre / النساء والرجال في بلجيكا: إحصاءات ومؤشرات جندرية

Created by Foundation's Team 1500 days ago

This third edition of ‘Women and Men in Belgium’ gives us a detailed overview of the main gender indicators, divided into thematic chapters. The following topics are discussed: population, migration, income and poverty, paid work, business management, work / life balance, ti...

Foundation's Team

Towards real equality between women and men - 2017 / Vers l'égalité réelle entre les femmes et les hommes - 2017 / نحو مساواة حقيقية بين المرأة والرجل - 2017

Created by Foundation's Team 1522 days ago

In order to identify and name the still existing gender inequalities, the publication ’’Towards Real Equality between Women and Men’’ has been published every year since 2002. As a diagnostic tool, this publication collects and analyses data on the situation of women and men. It is...

Foundation's Team

L'indice de l'égalité femmes-hommes dans l'EU / مؤشر المساواة بين الجنسين في الاتحاد الأوروبي / The Gender Equality Index in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1537 days ago

L’indice d’égalité femmes-hommes est un indicateur composite qui mesure le concept complexe de l’égalité femmes-hommes et, sur la base du cadre politique de l’UE, aide à suivre les progrès de l’égalité dans l’Union européenn...

Foundation's Team

Writing fellowships for Arab scholars and activists on Gendered resistance / زمالة كتابة للباحثين والباحثات والناشطين والناشطات العرب عن المقاومة المُجندرة / Bourses de rédaction pour les chercheur-e-s arabes sur la résistance genrée

Created by Foundation's Team 1542 days ago

This writing fellowship is part of the New Paradigms Factory Program (NPF) of the Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS) and it is open to researchers in any social science field and allied fields. Submitted writings and papers must focus on resistance from gender-centered perspect...

Foundation's Team

Situation of women asylum seekers in France after the adoption of the law reforming the right of asylum / Situation des femmes demandeuses d'asile en France après l'adoption de la loi portant réforme du droit d'asile / أوضاع طالبات اللجوء في فرنسا بعد اعتماد قانون إصلاح حق اللجوء

Created by Foundation's Team 1550 days ago

On the occasion of the International Day of Migrants, on 18 December 2017, the High Council for Equality between Women and Men (HCE) presented to Minister Jacqueline Gourault, its report on the situation of women asylum seekers in France after the adoption of the law reforming the right...

Foundation's Team

Exploring the demand for prostitution: what male buyers say about their motives, practices, and perceptions / استكشاف الطلب على الدعارة: ما يقوله مشترو الجنس الذكور حول دوافهم و ممارساتهم و تصوراتهم / Explorer la demande pour la prostitution: ce que disent les clients à propos de leurs motivation...

Created by Foundation's Team 1550 days ago

The following study is a first attempt to explore and better understand the demand for prostitution in Lebanon where little has been written on this critical component of the prostitution industry. Studies on male buyers of sexual acts are not only rare, but when they exist, they often ...

Foundation's Team

Women's Rights during democratic transitions / Les droits des femmes en transition démocratique / حقوق المرأة خلال عمليات الانتقال الديمقراطي

Created by Foundation's Team 1551 days ago

This study explores the initiatives taken so far on women’s rights by international organisations and the authors attempt to map EU instruments and entry points for further action. Finally, the study provides a list of pragmatic recommendations to the EU as an external promoter of...

Foundation's Team

Gendering the Arab Spring / جندرة الربيع العربي / Gendériser le printemps arabe

Created by Foundation's Team 1557 days ago

The article discusses the gendered implications of recent political developments in the region. It argues that women and gender are key to both revolutionary and counterrevolutionary processes and developments and not marginal to them. It explores the significance of women’s invol...

Foundation's Team

Social and Economic Situation of Palestinian Women and Girls: July 2014-June 2016 / الأوضاع الاقتصادية والاجتماعية للمرأة والفتاة الفلسطينية: تموز/يوليو 2014 - حزيران/يونيو 2016 / Situation sociale et économique des femmes et des filles palestiniennes: juillet 2014-juin 2016

Created by Foundation's Team 1573 days ago

This report presents the main developments that affected the situation of women in Palestine between July 2014 and June 2016. Key events were the 50-day Israeli offensive on Gaza in the summer of 2014 and the surge of violence in the West Bank since 2015. The report also highlights the ...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

European Observatory on Femicide
People’ Rights  Center - Sidi kacem
Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI)
Cork Feminista
Women Media and Development (TAM)
Association Aspirations féminines
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya
Ramzi Nouisser
Association of Continuity of Generations - ACG
Roles for Social Change Association-ADWAR
Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality
Arab Women Parlamentarian Network
Silvia Gagliardi
Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality
Programme d'Appui à la Société Civile (PASC-TUNISIE)
For You Libya Group
Tunisian Association for Cultural Action
Anouar Association
Kasdi Merbah Ouragla University
Equity, Parity and Gender Mainstreaming Commission of Guelmim
National Broadcasting and Television Society - SNRT
Wafa Association for Awareness
Palestinian Bar Association (PBA)
Portuguese Platform for Women'   s Rights - PpDM (Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres)
Mor Masa Ritüeli
Radio Hawa FM
Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities (FPEC)
Gender equality and parity commission - Municipality of Enfidha
The Moroccan Human Rights Forum
Apid Imprenditorialità Donna
Jurists without chains
Elmehwar Association for Developing the Egyptian Family
Oxfam Intermon Maroc
NGOs Today

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Progress of the world's women 2019 - 2020: Families in a changing world

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Women Refugies in Lebanon and the Consequences of Limited Legal Status on their Housing, Land and Property Rights

As a result of the conflict in Syria, Lebanon is facing a situation in which one-quarter of its population is comprised of...

Women's role in peace processes: A comparative study of women's participation in the peace processes in Africa and Western Asia

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Taking into account sex and gender for better care: a public health issue

Differences in health between women and men are the result of complex interactions between biological, socio-cultural and...

Good practices and successful experiences in the implementation of CEDAW in the Arab countries

This study presents and analyses successes and good practices in the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All...

Education, professional training and employment – A toolkit

Since March 2014, the French Development Agency (AFD) has adopted a new cross-cutting intervention framework (CIT) on gender and...

Political Participation from an Intersectional Feminist Perspective: Practical Tools for Creating Transnational Feminist Political Movements

This toolkit, designed by the Centre for Transnational Development and Collaboration in cooperation with Dawlaty, revolves around...