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The Foundation in the 2nd UfM Regional Dialogue on Women Empowerment

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...’s participation in economic life - Improve women’s access to leadership and decision making positions - Combat violence against women and gender-based violence - Change gender-based stereo...

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A member in the spotlight: MARCH Lebanon Association

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...inator of MARCH, explains in English (subtitles in English, French and Arabic are available) their selected practice: a campaign against domestic violence, entitled “I am Unbeata...

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Promoting journalism with a gender vision in the Mediterranean

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...ocial networks), a more democratic and egalitarian society. This meeting allowed them to discuss several current themes; such as the reporting of violence against refugee women and the...

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36 associations learnt how to conduct effective advocacy campaigns

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...level. Moreover, the debates about reaching a higher female representation in the Parliament, involving men in the struggle against gender based violence or preventing child’s m...

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Debate on the report Women in the Mediterranean and the progress of gender equality

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...oncluded by highlighting the continued mobilization in favor of gender equality, with the creation of the next shelter center of women victims of violence in Oran. This presentation w...

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Fighting against violence based on gender in the Marrakech- Safi region

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...not necessarily used to work together in order to address gender-based violence, particularly underage marriage. The review of the situation on violence, which was carried out in par...

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Mobilization of equality actors in the region of Mount Lebanon

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...du futur”, the Smart Centre and the Lebanese Commission against violence against women. The goal was t...n-making bodies, change the system of social values, and fight against violence against women. Furthermore, c...

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Conclusion of the pilot mobilizing action of gender equality actors in Oran in 2015

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...h opened its premises demonstrating its commitment to fight violence against women. Besides domestic violence, sexual harassment at work, w...o;s role to be played in order to increase awareness of the violence’s reality by the societ...

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Dialogue workshop on violence against women in Oran

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...19th November on the overall situation of women victims of violence. Photographs of violence scene were projected and the...there is no specific management structure for women victims of violence. The 60 participants (namely...

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Involving the media in the fight against gender violence in Oran

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...ople gathered in Oran to address the issue of violence against women. Among them, th...e of involving the media in the fight against violence against women was emphasized....ties, associations and the media in combating violence against women....