Zeinab Arteil

"Love and War on the Rooftops - A Tripolitan Tale" - Theater project and Documentary

Created by Zeinab Arteil 2628 days ago inspired by their lives. For the first time in recent history, young adults from Jabal Mohsen and Beb El Tebbeneh who participated in street violence, have come together to create...

Foundation's Team

Tangier hosted the seminar The making of bodies and the production of gender inequalities

Created by Foundation's Team 2630 days ago

...particularly in Morocco, where the seminar took place. The multidisciplinary debate was divided into three parts: Bodies and culture, Bodies and violence and Bodies in movements, and...

Foundation's Team

Member in the Spotlight: Building Bridges Association

Created by Foundation's Team 2631 days ago

...tional level, its main themes of work are: civil and political rights; violence; and emotional and sexual lif...t and refugee women; women entrepreneurs; and men and women victims of violence and it has more than 5 years...

Foundation's Team

SICJHR leads the advocacy campaign Our daughters are not for sale

Created by Foundation's Team 2631 days ago

...marriages are a widespread phenomenon in the Egyptian society, especially among young girls, young ex-prisoners, marginalized women or victims of violence. The period of this type of m...

Jaume Guardans

Forming Responsible Citizens project: Focus groups held in Morocco

Created by Jaume Guardans 2632 days ago

...hammadi, Casablanca and Mr Bouchaaib Ezzine, Coordinator of the School Violence Regional Observatories from t...oject, more specifically the UfM and Ideaborn who make of the issue of violence and gender inequality in Moro...

Antonia Tsirigoti

"You ask me what's wrong, mom" - GEAR against IPV II Campaign "Don't give in to violence"

Created by Antonia Tsirigoti 2634 days ago

Information and Awareness Raising Campaign Subtitled video from Greek to English that students from the 1st Junior High School of Agios Nikolaos Crete prepared in the f...

Antonia Tsirigoti

Building Healthy Intimate Relationships

Created by Antonia Tsirigoti 2634 days ago

...countries aiming to contribute to primary and secondary prevention of violence in the romantic/intimate rela...s’ awareness on the harmful effects of gender stereotyping, IPV/dating violence/gender based violence and sex...

Rabha Fathi

Egyptian French Partnership to Combat FGM Practice

Created by Rabha Fathi 2660 days ago

...n Parlons-en (French association) launch two campaigns against FGM and violence practiced against girls. The...psychological and legal aid for female victims of physical and sexual violence and to be supported by specia...

Foundation's Team

A member in the spotlight: French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby

Created by Foundation's Team 2693 days ago, social justice, gender equality and solidarity. It leads the fight for the economic independence of women, gender equality, the fight against violence, women's equality in the fiel...

Foundation's Team

The Foundation at COP22: Promoting equitable access to resources and addressing women's voices in climate negotiations

Created by Foundation's Team 2694 days ago

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which came into force in 2016, included gender equality as a principle in its preamble, as well as in the articles on ad...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Faculté de droit et de science politique Aix Marseille Université
Volunteering association  Touiza  of the wilaya of Algiers
Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH)
Association Generation Challenge for Development and Culture
Development Association ‘Rawafed’
Challenge Association of Sustainable Development (A.C.D.D.)
Nazra for Feminist Studies
Fédération de la Ligue Démocratique des Droits des Femmes (FLDDF)
Association Irtikaa
Sami Zouari
Youth Today Association for Development
CREAD – Research center applied economics for development
The Children of Female Prisoners' Care Association (CFPA)
Right and Democracy Organization
Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women
Association ACM
Women'  s Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE)
Assiwar- the Feminist Arab Movement
For You Libya Group
Young Men Christian Association (YMCA)
Network of women artisans of Morocco
University El Maner Tunis
Zhour Bouzidi
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya
Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED
Théâtre Variable n°2
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilisations
Tunisian Association of Women Judges- TAWJ
Cairo Center for Development (CCD)
Silvia Gagliardi
Moroccan Association of Reproductive Health
Radio Souriat

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