Foundation's Team

Shadow report on the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women

Created by Foundation's Team 614 days ago

...Morocco, in addition of the INJAD League Network against gender-based violence throughout the national terri...analyses of these issues and includes recommendations on how to fight violence and discrimination against wo...

Foundation's Team

Public policies to combat domestic violence in Spain: Intersecting perspectives with France

Created by Foundation's Team 628 days ago

...This report sheds light on public policies to combat domestic violence in Spain, which are regularly...crete recommendations for the improvement of public policies to combat violence in France based on the Spanis...

Foundation's Team

EXIT: Challenges and Needs of Lebanese and Syrian Women in Prostitution

Created by Foundation's Team 628 days ago

...t ministries, law enforcement authorities,UN agencies, local and international nonprofit organizations. The study was conducted by Kafa (enough) Violence & Exploitation in coopera...

Foundation's Team

Women4Mediterranean Conference 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 636 days ago

...ind actionable solutions that can drive real change for women in the areas of the economic impact of COVID-19 for women entrepreneurs in MENA and violence against women and girls durin...

Maria Alabdeh

Syrian Women's Readings of the Present, Future and Associated Concepts

Created by Maria Alabdeh 636 days ago

...often extremely limited in Syria, the study offers in-depth perspective and feedback from Syrian women on topics such as identity, gender roles, violence, militarism, and the role of...

Foundation's Team

Intensification of efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women: Report of the UN Secretary-General (2020)

Created by Foundation's Team 664 days ago

...d activities carried out within the United Nations system to eliminate violence against women and girls. in the report is placed on the urgent need for efforts to eliminate violence against women in the context...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality and Violent Extremism: a Research Agenda for Libya

Created by Foundation's Team 668 days ago

This research report examines the gender dynamics of radicalization to violence in Libya and efforts to counter and prevent violent extremism. Based on primary rese...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 crisis in the MENA region: impact on gender equality and policy responses

Created by Foundation's Team 669 days ago

...ll around the globe, MENA women are at the frontline of the COVID-19 response and also suffer from expanding unpaid care burdens and gender-based violence. However, region-specific res...

Maria Alabdeh

COVID-19 and Women in Syria: Deepening Inequalities

Created by Maria Alabdeh 684 days ago

...19 on women in Syria cannot be disconnected from their exposure to the violence and trauma of war and displac...ductive healthcare, strained mental health, and increased gender-based violence. While the conflict in Syria...

Mozn Hassan

Violence against women in Egypt: From Black Wednesday to the Pandemic

Created by Mozn Hassan 684 days ago

This paper gives a brief background on violence against women in Egypt since "the Black Wednesday" in 2005 wi...commendations and actions the state should adopt in order to eradicate violence and sexual violence against w...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Office for Gender Equality
Centre de Recherches, d'Etude de Documentation et d'Information sur la Femme, CREDIF
Department of Gender Studies, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta
Center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue
The Egyptian Youth Council for Development
Association MINA's Talents
Hassine Karim Glaied
Jordanian Journalist Association
Moroccan Youth Association for Development AMDJ
Carmen Garraton
Amel Association International
The Union of Feminist Action
Elham Ibrahim Younis Abdelaal
Nazra for Feminist Studies
Elkhir Women's Association
The voice of Amazigh women
Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED
Nansen Dialogue Montenegro
Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)
Khadija Zizi
Mafraq Youth Gathering for Civil Society Development
Association Marocaine des Femmes Progressistes (AMFP)
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya
Association Khmir Environnement et Développement
CREAD – Research center applied economics for development
Right and Democracy Organization
Egyptian Center for Women'  s Rights (ECWR)
Assiwar- the Feminist Arab Movement
Sami Zouari
Amal Association for the family and the child
Portuguese Platform for Women'   s Rights - PpDM (Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres)
Association for Women's Total Advancement & Development (AWTAD)
Khaled Salah Mahmoud
Palestinian Businesswomen's Association ASALA

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Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level. Report on the Gender Initiative: Gender Equality in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship

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The Integration of Women's Rights into the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Women's Rights in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia

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The Female Face of Jihadism: Part of a Joint Study by EUROMESCO

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Hidden casualties: Sexual and reproductive health and rights and sexual violence in conflict

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Gender Equality Commission - Compilation of good practices to reduce existing obstacles and facilitate women's access to justice (2015)

One of the five objectives of the Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy for 2014-2017 is to work with member States towards...

Music: where are the women?

Discrimination acts against women in music are countless and they are only beginning to be evoked in the public sphere. It is a...

Opinion for a fair societal and judicial conviction of rape and other sexual abuses

Nearly 100,000 rapes are perpetrated every year: a multiplication of 'miscellaneous facts' or a real social problem? On October...

National Women' s Strategy 2007 - 2016

The National Women's Strategy addresses all the key fields concerning women, in keeping with the international commitments made...