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Women Participation in Syrian Cities Today: Emerging Roles and Opportunities - A preliminary scoping review on governance and productivity / مشاركة النساء في المدن السورية اليوم: الفرص و الأدوار الناشئة – استعراض أولي للحوكمة و الإنتاجية / La Participation des Femmes Syrienne dans les Villes Aujo...

Created by Foundation's Team 2393 days ago

This report is a preliminary scoping review of the emerging roles played by women in the public sphere in Syrian cities toady. The main research question was defined as what roles and opportunities are available/emerging for women in relation to governance and to their economic particip...

Foundation's Team

La Fondation milite pour un rôle actif des femmes contre l'extrémisme violent / المؤسسة تسعى لتعزيز جهود النساء في مواجهة التطرف / The Foundation promotes women's role in countering violent extremism

Created by Foundation's Team 2396 days ago

Entre le 18 et le 19 juillet 2017, la Fondation a participé à une réunion réunissant plus de 40 experts, praticiens et défenseurs de la paix, de la sécurité et de la prévention de l’extrémisme violent (PEV). La r&eacut...

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Key figures on women-men inequality in priority neighborhoods and rural territories / Les chiffres clés des inégalités femmes-hommes dans les quartiers prioritaires et les territoires ruraux / أرقام هامة عن اللامساواة بين الجنسين في الأحياء ذات الأولوية والمناطق الريفية

Created by Foundation's Team 2464 days ago

An unprecedented portrait of gender inequalities affecting 10 million women and men with a double focus: Equality between women and men in these fragile territories; And equality between these inhabitants and those of other territories. The encounter between the gender equality approach...

Foundation's Team

'Jeunes et Femmes' (youth and women): tools to build a life / « Jeunes et Femmes » : des outils pour construire sa vie / الشباب و النساء: أدوات لبناء الحياة

Created by Foundation's Team 2571 days ago

The “Jeunes et Femmes” (youth and women) project was launched in 2010 by the Mission locale des Ulis in response to problems of isolation, desocialization, scholastic failure, teenage pregnancies and/ or violence against young women. The project is aimed at young women aged ...

Foundation's Team

Excision - Let's talk about it! / Excision, parlons-en! / الختان-لنتكلم عن ذلك!

Created by Foundation's Team 2574 days ago

The excision of women’s external sexual organ is a violation of their rights and has serious physical and psychological repercussions. It concerns 200 million women world-wide, 500 000 in Europe, 60 000 in France and affects 6 girls per minute. The platform association “Exci...

Foundation's Team

Joint report Submission by the League of Human Rights (LDH) and the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH) on the 7th and 8th Periodic Reports of France - Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination With regard to women / 64th session. / Soumission conjointe de la Ligue des Dr...

Created by Foundation's Team 2583 days ago

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has the task of verifying the proper implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDEF / CEDAW) by States Which have signed and ratified it. On this occasion, the associations of the exami...

Foundation's Team

Forgotten women : the impact of islamophobia on Muslim women / Femmes oubliées: l'impact de l'islamophobie sur les femmes musulmanes / نساء منسيات: أثر الإسلاموفوبيا على النساء المسلمات

Created by Foundation's Team 2610 days ago

Muslim women face the same inequalities in employment and physical and verbal violence as other women, but these inequalities are reinforced by factors such as (perceived) religion and / or ethnicity. Nevertheless, few measures are being taken to collect data on this phenomenon and to put an end ...

Foundation's Team

Sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality / L'exploitation sexuelle et la prostitution et leurs conséquences sur l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes / الاستغلال الجنسي والبغاء وأثرهما على المساواة بين الجنسين

Created by Foundation's Team 2822 days ago

The objective of this study is to provide information, drawn from the international literature on sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality. The study concentrates on the debate on whether prostitution could be voluntary or has rather to be regarded in any case as a v...

Foundation's Team

« Mission possible » : a gender and media advocacy toolkit / « Mission possible » : Manuel des groupes d' intervention œuvrant pour l' égalité des sexes dans les médias / "المهمة الممكنة" : مجموعة أدواة حول النوع الإجتماعي و المناصرة في الإعلام

Created by Foundation's Team 3113 days ago

This tool has been prepared within the Gender and Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), launched in 1995, to undertake research on gender representation in the media and to lead advocacy actions for a balanced and non-stereotyped portrayal. This handbook puts forward definitions and analyses key conce...

Foundation's Team

Women and Men in Belgium: Gender Statistics and Indicators / Femmes et hommes en Belgique : statistiques et indicateurs de genre / النساء و الرجال في بلجيكا: إحصائيات النوع الإجتماعي و المؤشرات

Created by Foundation's Team 3190 days ago

What is the importance of the differences between men and women and how do they evolve? This brochure provides figures on diverse fields: population; migration; paid work; entrepreneurship; poverty; training; participation in science and technology; decision-making process; health; violence and c...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Community Development and Caring Children with Special Needs Association (SCDA)
International Center for Rights and Freedoms (ICRF)
Souad Slaoui
Amal Association for Women and Development
Sami Zouari
Business Women Forum-Palestine (BWF)
Kenzy Associacion for Development
Femmes-Education Arts-Médiation (FEDAM)
Association for the Development & Enhancement of Women (ADEW)
Association Tunisienne de la Santé de la Reproduction (ATSR)
Lebanese League for Women in Business
Faculty of Humanities-Martil, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development - REFORM
Syria Algad Relief Foundation
AWSA-Be, Arab Women's Solidarity Association-Belgium
Mouwatinet Association
Association des Filles de la Renaissance
League for Lebanese Women's Rights (LLWR)
Intermediaries Changing Center for Sustainable Development
ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality
Portuguese Platform for Women'   s Rights - PpDM (Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres)
Centre ADHUC—Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat
Ibtikar for Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship
RUSEMEG - Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-Méditerranéen
Global Forum for Religions and Humanity (GFRH)
Kazan Federal University
University of Naples  L'Orientale
People’ Rights  Center - Sidi kacem
Horus Foundation for Development and Training
Nazra for Feminist Studies
The Association of Women and Community for Comprehensive Development in Tiba
Europeans Without Borders
Regional Center for Dialogue and Mediation (RCMD)
Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI)
Amal Association for the family and the child

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Shared practices

Egal’actu: A news platform about gender equality

The Egae group has launched egal’actu, a news online platform about the equality between women and men. The main goal is...

Symposium ‘Gender diversity in early childhood’

A conference on professional gender diversity in early childhood under the patronage of the Ministry of Childhood, Families and...

Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence (GEAR against IPV)

The GEAR against IPV approach is a proposal for systematic intervention in the school (or other) setting, where girls and boys...

Call for social, cultural and health rights for young street mothers

The practice focuses on the case of young street mothers aged 14 to 22 who are often victims of violence and are pregnant after...

Excision - Let's talk about it!

The excision of women’s external sexual organ is a violation of their rights and has serious physical and psychological...

Capacity building caravan of social actors in the southern Morocco

The practice was launched in 2009. Its aim is to provide political actors and associations from southern Morocco with the tools...

Video contest to recognize women's contribution to the blue economy!

“One in every two seafood workers is a woman, yet women are over-represented in lowest paid and lowest valued positions,...

Young Women as Job Creator - Phase I

The practice was structured around seminars by promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship. Around 800 students have...

Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education in six European countries

The problem of young mothers dropping out of education and facing difficulties in going back to education or training or entering...

Establishing a coalition and advocacy for the introduction of the quota policy in Algeria

This practice addressed the need to improve the representation of women in the political life. In 2005, CIDDEF conducted a...