Raquel Reyes Raventós

EuroMed Rights

Member since 15 July 2022 @ 2:40pm

...d political discussions in at least two countries in the region; At least two new countries in the region accede to...ding the constitutions, in at least two countries in the region is on gender equality at national, EU and UN levels.


Tunisian Association for Cultural Action

Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:12pm

...anéenne de soutien aux défenseurs des droits de l’Homme –FEMDH:Création d’un syndicat fondateur pour les F...ganisation de coopération et de développement économiques (OCDE): Fournir une plate-forme d’expression art...

Aida Ridanovic

Center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue

Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:11pm

...Education plays a vital role in challenging the underlying stereotyping and discrimination, which fuels violence against women. Under international law, states...debate about gender equality that will produce sound policy recommendation. Havin...


Foundation's Team

Shine Girl! Gender Equality project in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 65 days ago’s Tomorrow” begun in 2016.  The project ai...y the “Canada Feminist Fund” in Palestine. & them, as well as their communities. Adolescents of both se...and with their teachers and counsellors in one of five screeni...

Foundation's Team

CLUSTER produces a Compilation of identified efficient practices aimed at tackling youth unemployment in 7 Mediterranean countries

Created by Foundation's Team 73 days ago

...rdan, General Agency For Regional Development - Tunisia, National Institute of Oc...stainable development business ventures led by young people, especially NEETs)....p;Euro-Mediterranean Learning and Employment Community model and the Euro-Med Gre...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center holds 5 discussion sessions with academics about the reality of women in universities in Gaza

Created by Andalib Adwan 74 days ago

...e German Heinrich Böll Foundation. Kholoud Al-Sawalmeh, the Gaza Strip, by raising university students’ and a...emented in cooperation with 5 universities, among the universi...ender revision of the workers union system, the faculty system...


Foundation's Team

Trencant barreres: la transformació feminista a la Mediterrània

Created by Foundation's Team 52 days ago

...are pleased to invite you to the round table "Trencant barreres: la...squo;s Secretariat and one of its Founding Members, which has been i..., IEMed, and CREDIF. It is an opportunity to discuss the challenges...e President of the IEMed 17:20 Round table Thouraya Belkahia,...

Foundation's Team

CAWTAR announces its campaign : Making the Invisible Visible

Created by Foundation's Team 80 days ago

...16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign, CAWTAR is announcing its campaign entitled "Ma...ion with governmental and civil society partners such as RF-EFH and the Foundation, as well as the private...

Foundation's Team

Mediterranean Tech Women Network Festival

Created by Foundation's Team 86 days ago importance to foster equal opportunities for women and girls to t...and exchanging about talent, opportunities, support, and how to bre...t gap. According to the April 2021 UNESCO Science Report “The...cs, and equitable educational opportunities must be paramount in tac...

Shared practices


International Consortium for Gender Equality on Campus

Created by Lamia BENHABIB 373 days ago

...on Campus was created by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.... The Consortium’s work started on June 29, 2021, the official with the support of UN Women (HeForShe and WEPs), it...da BUOY Egypt – Middle East University of Alexandria Project...

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 493 days ago

...nia between January 2021 and June 2022. The project is funded...nd Escola de Cultura de Pau - Universitat Autònoma de B...professional integration of young women in the local labour ma...and written first-person accounts of Palestinian women overco...

Foundation's Team

Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

Created by Foundation's Team 633 days ago

In partnership with several organisations, the Council of Europe has put together a series of re..."Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it" aims to disseminate theCouncil of Europe’s Recommen...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

EuroMeSCo Euromed Survey on social justice in the Mediterranean: Participate now

Created by Foundation's Team 124 days ago social and labour rights, reducing inequalities, and seizing the opportunities of green and digital tra...obstacles for advancing women’s rights in Southern Mediterranean countries as well as youth’s...

Foundation's Team

Deadline Extended for INVESTMED Project

Created by Foundation's Team 349 days ago

INVESTMED is an EU-supported project under the ENI CBC Med program, des...NVESTMED supports new sustainable business opportunities benefiting young people and women in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia, focusing on three key se...

Foundation's Team

UNIDO and UfM launch a MENA Women Business Club

Created by Foundation's Team 433 days ago

In view of the  Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, UNIDO and UfM have launched today a MENA Women Busines...businesses in the region. The MENA Women Business Club will offer hundreds of women-owned and women...


Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 368 days ago

...rostitution I was 15/16 years old. I met girls younger than me at that time, who...t of the appalling human rights violations women undergo, having as a start point...iewed I could find this emancipatory logic or of understanding prostitution as a...

Foundation's Team

The Doria Feminist Fund seeks to create a feminist ecosystem in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 481 days ago

...Mission The Doria Feminist Fund mobilizes financial, po...ion. The Doria Feminist Fund works to ensure they have th...political backlash in their countries often at the risk of the...nd LGBTQ+ groups in their communities. Yet, they are consisten...

Maria Alabdeh

I Was There: a film about female survivors of SGBV

Created by Maria Alabdeh 518 days ago", featuring two Syrian female survivors of gender-based violence recounting their stories and that of...subjected to or witnessed severe torture, all forms of ill-treatment, or unlawful killing. The true exte...


Foundation's Team

Les Cahiers du Ref - Mediterranean youth get involved - Empowerment, creativity, hopes and struggles

Created by Foundation's Team 79 days ago

...;s issues without fully involving young people, who represent the ca...that are affecting Mediterranean countries. In recent years, the RE...erent levels of governance in our countries. The Youth Med Network...the realities experienced by many young people in the Mediterranean....

Foundation's Team

Youth, Women and Employment in the Mediterranean Region: Continuity and Change

Created by Foundation's Team 152 days ago

The Union for the Mediterranean’s (UfM) 5th M...ministers the chance to address the issue of unemployment, particularly affecting young people and women in southern...haracterized by exceptionally high levels of unemployment, a large informal e...

Foundation's Team

Missed Opportunities : The High Cost of Not Educating Girls

Created by Foundation's Team 194 days ago

...aturely, especially in low income countries. Low educational attainm...household, as well as for their community and society. This study do...ation growth, which in low income countries are major impediments fo...ors such as donating to charity, volunteering, or helping others. F...


Genre et Climat / Gender and Climate

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2281 days ago

...e organisation souhaite soutenir la Déclaration, vous pouvez nous envoyer un courrier électronique avant l...liée dans notre section Actualités et Agenda :


Foundation's Team

11 octobre : Journée internationale des filles / / October 11: International Day of the Girl Child

Created by Foundation's Team 483 days ago

En 2021, nous commémorons le Forum Génération Égalité !  Ce parcours de cinq ans a pour objectifs d’accélérer la conduite d’actions ambitieuses et de faire progresser l’égalité hommes-femmes ...

Foundation's Team

Unstereotype Alliance Annual Report: 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 528 days ago

The following report highlights the Unstereotype Alliance’s progress in 2020. It encompasses tools produced across the Alliance to address inequalities within advertising content, a deep dive into the 76% growth in membership during 2020, the programmes and initiatives rolled out by nat...

Foundation's Team

Le Forum Génération Égalité s'achève à Paris avec l'annonce des engagements / خلاصة منتدى جيل المساواة / The Generation Equality Forum concludes in Paris with announcement of commitments

Created by Foundation's Team 581 days ago

Le Forum Génération Égalité Paris s’est achevé aujourd’hui avec l’annonce d’engagements audacieux en matière d’égalité des genres et le lancement d’un parcours d’action mondial de 5 ans pou...



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Amel Arbaoui

Comment on "Women's organizations laid out strong relationships for future actions / منظمات نسائية تقيم علاقات متينة كقاعدة لأعمال مستقبلية / Des organisations de femmes construisent des liens solides pour l'avenir"

Created by Foundation's Team 2019 days ago

...ll est important de maîtriser les techniques de plaidoyer pour identifier leurs problèmes et Contribuant ainsi à la promotion d'une culture d'égalité...