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Foundation's Team

Stop Violence Against Women: Statement by the European Commission and the High Representative

Created by Foundation's Team 972 days ago

...Representative/Vice President, Josep Borrell, issued the following statement: & they do not dare express political opinions due to fear of online targeting....pping up our action and call to others for continued commitment and collaboration...

Maria Àngels Roque

Launch Conference of CLUSTER: advanCing youth and women sociaL inclUSion in The MEditerRanean project

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 976 days ago

...ed Programme) through the European Neighbourhood Instrument. The CLUSTER Launch Conference is a high-level event strengthening networking and dialogue among relevant stakeholders,...

Foundation's Team

October 11: International Day of the Girl Child

Created by Foundation's Team 1018 days ago

...g Declaration and Platform for Action – the most progressive blueprint ever for advancing the r...ional Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around...

Maria Àngels Roque

A new issue of Quaderns de la Mediterrània, on art and creativity as bridges of intercultural dialogue

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1025 days ago

A new issue of Quaderns de la Mediterrània is out! This issue, number 32, on “Art and...istic. However, there is a value of economic or political domi...el of communication and dialogue. Faced with intolerance and c...ablish written and oral dialogues that offer them the possibil...


Open call for the International Women In Photo Award 2021

Created by ARANTZA ARAMBURU 1053 days ago

...en, working in any field of photography from fine arts to photojournalism. The activity of the International Women in Photo Association addresses issues of gender equality, aiming t...

Maria Àngels Roque

IEMed awarded a grant to tackle social exclusion and poverty amongst vulnerable groups

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1065 days ago

...pportive environment for youth/women employment schemes, by equipping NEETs, in particular women, between 18-30 years with employability skills in Blue Economy, Circular Economy, Gr...

Andalib Adwan

Our Safe Spaces training programme, to tackle GBV in Palestine

Created by Andalib Adwan 1094 days ago

...participants deepened their knowledge on gender-based violence related issues. On the second day, th...out economic rehabilitation programmes for women? These were some of the questions tackled during the thir...

Foundation's Team

Discussing gender-policy responses in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 1106 days ago both the public and private spheres. Dr. Meritxell Joan Rodríguez, Manager of the EuroMed Wome...y organizations have taken action for gender equality and civil rights issues during the Covid-19 pandemic...

Foundation's Team

International Non-Binary Day 2021

Created by Foundation's Team 1106 days ago

...n umbrella term encompassing identities such as agender, bigender, genderqueer or genderfluid. Even thoug...nder identity and expression are a strict binary, it’s simply not true. Non-binary people have...

Foundation's Team

The Generation Equality Forum concludes in Paris with announcement of commitments

Created by Foundation's Team 1116 days ago

...t’s commitment to a range of significant policies and investment requests including an investment of...o advance women’s economic justice and rights through its global value chain by spending USD 10 Bill...


Maria Àngels Roque

Don't miss UfM's Women Business Forum this November in Barcelona

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1800 days ago

...2019 in Barcelona, Spain. The WBF aims a providing a platform for dialogue, exchange of experience and n...will focus on five main tracks touching on the most pressing issues facing cities: Digital...

Foundation's Team

Our photo expo arrives to Marseille!

Created by Foundation's Team 1802 days ago

...Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM)’s photo expo "Women in action: Breaking Stereotypes in the Euro-Mediterranean Region" continues its journey in Europe after...

Foundation's Team

FFEM to participate at the largest women entrepreneurs meeting in the region!

Created by Foundation's Team 1844 days ago

...n’s Foundation (FFEM), will be participating at the forum, along with other members of the foundation’s network such as the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB),...

Foundation's Team

The UfM organizes a regional dialogue on women empowerment

Created by Foundation's Team 1850 days ago

...Representatives of ministries in charge of gender equality and women issues, national statistic institut...nbsp;in Society (Cairo, 2017) and its Ministerial Declaration. The dialogue in which participates Mrs. Na...

Helena González Fernández

IX Arendtian Spring International Lecture Cycle. Hannah Arendt on violence

Created by Helena González Fernández 1865 days ago

...ity (USA), will give the lecture "Hannah Arendt, la política y la cuestión hebrea" (Hannah Arendt, politics and the Hebrew question). This activity is part...

Maria Àngels Roque

Fez hosts a forum on Islamic Feminisms

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1877 days ago

...Professor Fatima Sadiqi, author of the IEMed’s publication ‘’The Role of Academia in Promoting Gender and Women’s Rights Issues in the Arab World and Southe...

Helena González Fernández

Pre-doctoral seminar on Catalan Women Writers in Contemporaneity

Created by Helena González Fernández 1884 days ago

...Ardolino (Universitat de Barcelona), with the aim of establishing a dialogue on the progress, of Catalan women writers and their production. The debated issues include these writers’...

Helena González Fernández

Intersected Gazes: perspectives on queer debates

Created by Helena González Fernández 1891 days ago

...ting a seminar entitled ‘’Intersected Gazes: perspectives on queer debates’’ organ...ubany (coordinator of GENI). Entrance is free of charge. Auditors can request a certificate of attendance...

Foundation's Team

UfM Regional Dialogue: youth and women's empowerment, a key issue in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 1892 days ago

...Foundation, is organizing a Regional Dialogue on "Shared views on key issues in the Mediterranean", the Euro-Mediterranean. The dialogue will focus on essential theme...ille in June 2019. Specifically, the dialogue’s working group session...

Maria Àngels Roque

A film festival hosts our photo exhibition and a discussion on gender stereotypes

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1913 days ago

... parallel activities like the seminar "Sex and film" address this issue directly. Check out the entir...the stories of exceptional and courageous women who struggle to conquer the public space and partici...


Foundation's Team

Center for Information and Documentation on the Rights of Children and Women (CIDDEF)

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...ivists as well as for professionals (researchers and students) women’s issues and childhood. CIDDEF has s...ore than 2000 titles that can be consulted on the website. The centre issues a quarterly magazine which s...

Foundation's Team

Sweden: Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Gender Equality Division

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...den is for women and men to enjoy the same power and opportunities to influence society and their own live...ender Equality Division has four objectives: equal share of power and influence; economic equality; equal...

Foundation's Team

United Kingdom: Ministry for Women and Equalities. Government Equalities Office

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...rresponding legislation within the government. The office aims to eliminate the obstacles to equality and help build a fairer society by managing issues related to women, sexual ori...

Foundation's Team

Portugal: Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...d human trafficking. In this respect, it is responsible for the coordination of the respective policy instruments, mainly national plans on these issues....

Foundation's Team

Poland: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Gender Equality Department

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...on raising awareness in terms of gender equality, particularly in the labour market but also in the public sphere. Poland actively addresses the issue of gender inequality by submi...

Foundation's Team

Monaco: Ministry of State

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...ible for defending these fundamental liberties and it actively works to ease women’ s access to employment by favouring the participation of Monegasque women as well as foreign resi...

Foundation's Team

Hungary Ministry of Human Capacity. State Ministry of Family Affairs and Youth. Department of Family Policy and Demography

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...body are the preparation of legislation and policy documents, the coordination of the implementation of the related policies and legislation, and requests for proposals and budgetar...

Foundation's Team

Finland Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

For many years, gender equality has been a fundamental value in Finland. It is stated in the Constitution and, more specifically, in the Act on Gender Equality. In this re...

Foundation's Team

Estonia- Ministry of Social Protection-Department for Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

Gender equality in Estonia is an issue of human rights, democracy and public welfare and is enshrined in the Constitution. To this end, the Department for Gender Equalityi...

Foundation's Team

Denmark Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

...the field of gender through the coordination, development and implementation of policies. It advises the Prime Minister and the Parliament in all issues related to gender equality....


Foundation's Team

Progress of the world's women 2019 - 2020: Families in a changing world

Created by Foundation's Team 1765 days ago

...eeping economic, demographic, political, and social transformation. The report features global, regional, and national data. It also analyses key issues such as family laws, employm...

Foundation's Team

Women's movement and challenge of democracy in Morocco : the case of abortion

Created by Foundation's Team 1781 days ago

The issue of the right to abortion caused a polemic between...nst women caused them various aspects of violence due to laws forbidding abortion e...the limits of their effectiveness ? Such are the questions we attempt to approach...

Mozn Hassan

The Feminist Movement in Egypt is still alive

Created by Mozn Hassan 1781 days ago

This dialogue with the Executive Director of Nazra for Feminist...icipation in social and economic life. The dialogue addresses the issue of violen...his area, but insists that this is a community issue par excellence....

Carmen Garraton

Attitudes and values of young students in Algiers and in Kabylie: their perception of women's rights

Created by Carmen Garraton 1801 days ago

...a survey conducted among young university students in 2017 with regard to their visions of religion custom and women’s rights, focusing in issues such as marriage of inherita...

Foundation's Team

Prostitution and Trafficking of Women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1807 days ago

...d social scene, seems to encourage impunity for this type of exploitation. This article is mainly based on a diagnosis produced by the Lebanese League for Women’s Rights (LLWR), wh...

Foundation's Team

Gender Inequalities and Food Insecurity: Ten years after the food price crisis, why are women farmers still food-insecure?

Created by Foundation's Team 1808 days ago

...hold heads. They suffer labour market discrimination, which confines them to informal and casual employment, as well as pay inequity. Also, they frequently spend a bigger share of t...

Foundation's Team

Enabling women's economic empowerment, new approaches to unpaid care work in developing countries

Created by Foundation's Team 1829 days ago

As part of the OECD Policy Dialogue on Women’s Economic Empowerment, this report focuses on identifying what works to address unpaid care work and sheds light on how...

Yveline Nicolas

Gender Equality and Ecological Transition, Convergences?

Created by Yveline Nicolas 1841 days ago

...l as some institutions and organizations of the civil society. The study questioned whether taking into ac...conversely how the integration of sustainable development and climate issues could widen the range of act...

Silvia Gagliardi

The Human Rights of Minority and Indigenous Women

Created by Silvia Gagliardi 1841 days ago

...Rights book series (IHR). It examines and critiques the human rights project thr...ional law’ and ‘Islam and women’s human rights’ question how these value systems,...d to exert power and control on different constituencies. The following section o...

Maria Alabdeh

Gender Justice and Feminist Knowledge Production in Syria

Created by Maria Alabdeh 1842 days ago

...when thinking of a future Syria. The international discourse focus on issues of “sexual violence&rd...;s voices, activist-based and grassroots initiatives regarding crucial issues such as the proliferation of...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Leïla Tauil
Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality
Development Association of South Gafsa -  DGSC
Safadi Foundation
Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (ADFM)
Committee for the Follow-Up on women' s Issues (CFUWI)
Jbail- Byblos Municipality
Women's Center AlThouri Silwan
Adina Mocanu
Mother's School Association
Genre Culture Diversité et Développement (GCDD)
Association Citoyens Acteurs
Al-Mashreq for development and population
Nezha El Medhmed
Istar Montull Mussach
Gender Equality Unit
Aswat Nissa
Challenge Association of Sustainable Development (A.C.D.D.)
Inclusión, Ciudadanía, Diversidad y Educación
Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy
European Observatory on Femicide
Women and Leadership
Cooperation for Community Development Association
Elmehwar Association for Developing the Egyptian Family
Regards de Femmes
Building Bridge Association (BBA)
Green Globe
Actions in the Mediterranean - AIM
Jusoor Center for Studies and Development
Association Femme et Citoyenneté
Femme Action - Woman Action (A.F.A - A.W.A)
Silvia Gagliardi
Palestinian Businesswomen's Association ASALA
Peace and friendship international organization. P4all

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Press release by the Palestinian NGO Forum to Combat Violence Against Women (Al Muntada)

The Palestinian NGO Forum to Combat Violence Against Women (Al Muntada), Amal Coalition to Combat Violence Against Women in the...

December's newsletter is out!

For us and for our partners, the last two months we´re quite exciting and fruitful. Between the 24th and 26th of October...

We present you the 3 final winners of our photo contest

We are pleased to announce the 3 final winners of our photography contest 'Powerful Women: Breaking Stereotypes in the...

The Community Media Center implements a capacity building program to prepare trainers to enhance legal awareness to combat gender-based violence

The CMC implemented a capacity-building program to prepare trainers in promoting legal awareness against Gender-Based Violence,...

Launch of the 2nd cycle of Local Clusters of gender equality actors

Every year, 7 local clusters are being formed in 7 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia),...

Boosting the role of Catalonia to promote gender equality in the Mediterranean

Last month, the Gender Programme of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) teamed up with the Department of Foreign...

Policy dialogue to protect girls against so-called tourist marriage in Egypt

Life Foundation for Development and Community Reintegration held a policy dialogue on March 25, 2019 to review the efforts made...

MIFTAH wants to strengthen women’s access to decision-making positions

In Palestine, women and youth are underrepresented in local councils, in political bodies and in the public life....

CLUSTER conducts Focus Groups to create inclusive training materials for young people and women

With the aim of improving the employability skills of youth and women in the Mediterranean, CLUSTER is developing Curricula to...

Book on the struggle of Arab feminists. The case of Morocco and Tunisia

Leïla Tauil’s book, 'Arab Feminisms: A Century-Long Battle. The Case of Morocco and Tunisia' dives into the fascinating...