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Qudrat Association for Community Development

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...of Jordan has launched numerous programmes and established various uni...essful campaigns, workshops and training programmes to provide women with opport...udrat launched the Nisaa Qudrat programme (literally, "capacities-women...develop their self-reliance via training, rehabilitation, networking, a...


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CLUSTER joins the Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial Policy Conference, an event to foster employment amoung youth and women in the region

Created by Foundation's Team 2 days ago

...Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), Mr Roger Albinyana, and Programme Manager, Ms Karina Melkonian...kills, but also employers in the private sector, connecting them with training institutions and other social...

Maria Àngels Roque

IEMed awarded a grant to tackle social exclusion and poverty amongst vulnerable groups

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 273 days ago

...t for NEETS, in particular women, through targeted online and on-site training courses and coaching and tuto...unded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme, with a budget of 1.1 million...

Andalib Adwan

Our Safe Spaces training programme, to tackle GBV in Palestine

Created by Andalib Adwan 302 days ago

Our Safe Spaces: a training programme to tackle GBV in Palestine For 5 days, 18 programmers were able to build a data...-sectoral service providers. Programme On the first day of the training, participants deepened their k...


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EMWF and CLUSTER participate in the Forum of Mediterranean Worlds in Marseille on 7 and 8 February 2022

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...Environment, biodiversity and sustainable development Education, training and mobility Employment, by the European Union in the framework of the ENI CBC Med programme and the IEMed as lead be...

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Sex and gender in health: enhancing knowledge, improving practice

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...ors to increase the available knowledge. The training of professionals could also t...will bring together actors from research and training and professionals in the fiel...the event.  Click here to consult the programme. ...

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Tunisia: EBRD helps women entrepreneurs move to digital era

Created by Foundation's Team 406 days ago participate free of charge in its online training workshop on the following the...of storytelling in the digital age. This training is fully funded by the Europe...unisia in the framework of PACS, the Support Programme to Services Competitiveness....

Shared practices

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AFIF: Literacy, Training and Employment for Women in Algeria

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...Association, launched a major programme known as AFIF (Alphabetisati...sertion des Femmes) Literacy, Training and Employment for Women. The programme has made a significant 35 receive specific skills training as part of the AFIF scheme, in...

Calls and opportunities

Maria Àngels Roque

Apply to become Project Manager for CLUSTER

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 251 days ago

...FUNCTIONS  The CLUSTER project is funded under the ENI CBC MED programme with the European Institute...ficiaries throughout the Euromed region. Through online tools such as training courses, e-platform and coachi...

Maria Àngels Roque

Call for women trainees on sustainable business management!

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 331 days ago

...d project under the ENI CBC MED Programme that aims at addressing both...INVESTMED has launched a training programme on Sustainable Business The purpose of the training is: • To build up the  Deadline to submit appl...

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

Training opportunity for women from Medenine working on the agri-food sector

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 365 days ago

...nisia, CAWTAR will offer free and integrated training, to accompany and support wom...pport and an opportunity to participate in a training camp in Sicily, Italy. The d...nbsp; Click here for mor information on the programme of the training (in Arabic).&...


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COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

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...French) CAWTAR center of arab women for training and research, TUNISIA: ...and British Embassy Tunis, New support programme for women entrepreneurs based...Deadline for submissions: September 4Support programme for women entrepreneurs based...

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Women in News: strengthening women's presence and leadership in the media

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...nd benefit from a certified media management training as well as mentoring, coachin...young women benefit yearly from in-classroom training in leadership, presentation a...omen who have gone through the Women in News programme over the years are portrayed...

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From where I stand...

Created by Foundation's Team 1624 days ago

...ttending a social entrepreneurship training provided as part of UN Women’s Spring Forward programme in 2016, funded by the Europ...104 women who received leadership trainings in 2016, as part of UN Women’s regional Spring Forward programme. In 2016, 20 female Member of...


Milena Kadieva

No Gaps Handbook and Toolbox for professionals in integral intervention with young female asylum seekers and refugees

Created by Milena Kadieva 522 days ago

...g accomplished the respective training. Professionals working in groups of women. After training the professionals, they were...t. The access to professional training as a key to guarantee a co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European union. The du...

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Guide on Gender Institutionalisation in Algeria - PAP ENPARD Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 650 days ago

...tionalisation of gender is based on the knowledge acquired during the training process of Territorial Develo...set up within the framework of the PAP ENPARD project - Pilot Action Programme for Rural Development and Agr...

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National Action Plan, Gender Equality 2008-2013

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...nd NGOs. Its objective is to provide a basis for the development and implementation of public policies in the Beijing Action Programme priority areas: education and training, economy, poverty, health, and...