Joana Sales

União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta

Member since 11 January 2018 @ 5:48pm 2 shelters and 2 crisis centres for women victims of domestic violence in Portugal. It has participated in national and European projects on trafficking in human beings, female genit...

ليلى الصالح

The Union of Feminist Action

Member since 15 November 2017 @ 11:30am

...for 2000 women a year across the kingdom. • Establishing an observatory with regard to women’s image in media. • Implement programs against trafficking in women. • Proposing outlin...

Nermeen Al Bahtyty

Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration

Member since 29 July 2017 @ 9:18pm

...psychological health and social life affecting the young girls forced into such marriages. Life Foundation aims to seriously fight against the trafficking of women and girls, and to re...


Foundation's Team

Let's name March 8 every day and everywhere!

Created by Foundation's Team 75 days ago

...chairperson and the Head of the Technical Secretariat of the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons. CCPIMTIP. The rol...

Esther Fouchier

European Women's Lobby declaration on COVID-19

Created by Esther Fouchier 135 days ago

...eriencing poverty, social exclusion or homelessness; Women who are at risk of male violence at home, or are victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking; Refugee and women who are s...

Foundation's Team

Political dialogues to follow up on CSO WINS's 8 campaigns on women's rights

Created by Foundation's Team 555 days ago

...with the Social and Criminal Research Centre, researchers and local NGOs. The aim is to advocate for more prevention measures on women’s trafficking and reinforce sanction agains...


Khulud Khamis

Fighting against Trafficking in Women and Prostitution, titled Between Marginality and Prostitution: A Feminist Perspective on Prostitution

Created by Khulud Khamis 1362 days ago

Isha L'Isha – Haifa Feminist Center and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Haifa invite you to a seminar on Between Marginality and Prostitution: A Femi...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Against Trafficking in Women – Awareness campaign against human trafficking in Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 1489 days ago

...especially among the youth on the existent and huge reality of human trafficking in Tunisia. It is a activists for civil society organizations and fight against human trafficking in Tunisia. Every short-movie...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for Proposals - Conference: The Body at Work : Gender, Labour, Migration

Created by Foundation's Team 146 days ago

...n and the value of work - Reproductive labour - The feminization of poverty - Gendered experiences of migration - Sex, work and sex work - Trafficking and the rescue industry - Mo...

Foundation's Team

Call for abstracts: International Conference on Organized Crime and Gender

Created by Foundation's Team 901 days ago

...of organized criminal groups, including but not limited to cases of trafficking in persons and smuggling of m...tice, food fraud, the manufacturing of counterfeit medical products, trafficking in cultural property, drug tr...


Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Women's Helplines in the Euro-Mediterranean Countries

Created by Foundation's Team 121 days ago

...(Children’s Helpline) 0800 77 99 SOS Helpline for Victims of Trafficking CYPRUS: 1440 (Help...; 371 673 78539 371 672 22922 800 2012   (Center Marta for Trafficking Victims) 67222922 /  27...

Foundation's Team

Legal definitions of gender based violence in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 648 days ago

...ologically or causing them suffering because of their gender. It includes, but it is not limited to, sexual violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, forced marriage or early mar...

Foundation's Team

Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights

Created by Foundation's Team 1779 days ago on promoting the principles of human rights, combatting human trafficking; as well as protecting the Labour Laws, the rights and duties of workers and the Anti-Human Trafficking law. Tamkeen also works on pr...


Foundation's Team

Prostitution and Trafficking of Women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 361 days ago

This article focuses on the subject of trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual exploitation i...osis, the LLWR has made more than 15 meetings with actors working on trafficking in women: Lebanese organizati...

Khulud Khamis

Empowering Women without Status and Promoting their Rights

Created by Khulud Khamis 562 days ago

...ders on the legal status of women who lack it in Israel, such as Palestinian women married to Israeli partners, asylum seekers and refugees and trafficking victims. The article also exp...

Foundation's Team

Global report on Trafficking in Persons 2018

Created by Foundation's Team 578 days ago

...ovides an overview of patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at global, regional and national levels, based primarily on trafficking cases detected between 2014 a...t three-quarters of the detected victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation are f...


Foundation's Team

Sexual exploitation: New challenges, New Answers / Système prostitutionnel, nouveaux défis, nouvelles réponses / الاستغلال الجنسي: تحديات جديدة، إجابات جديدة

Created by Foundation's Team 318 days ago

Through an in-depth assessment inventory of 35 countries and the study of recent major trends, this report provides the latest overview of sexual exploitation at regional and global levels. It sets out not only the 6 major challenges to be met in view of the latest developments and thei...

Foundation's Team

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2016 / Rapport mondial sur la traite des personnes 2016 / التقرير العالمي عن الاتجار بالأشخاص 2016

Created by Foundation's Team 865 days ago

This report covers 136 countries and provides an overview of patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at global, regional and national levels, based primarily on trafficking cases detected between 2012 and 2014. The thematic chapter of the 2016 edition of the Global Report looks at ...

Joanna Manganara

Prostitution &Trafficking: The market of sex (International Women's News Vol 111 No 2) / Prostitution et traite des femmes: le marché du sexe / الدعارة و الإتجار بالبشر: سوق الجنس

Created by Joanna Manganara 1264 days ago

This issue of the International Alliance of Women's journal, International Women's News, presents a range of articles on the theme of prostitution and trafficking / Cette édition du journal de l’Alliance internationale des femmes (International Alliance of Wom...