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UfM Workshop:Tourism: Generating Jobs for Youth in the MENA Region / ورشة عمل للاتحاد من أجل المتوسط حول فرص العمل في قطاع السياحة في المنطقة / Atelier de l'UpM: Tourisme: créer des emplois pour les jeunes de la région MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 1549 days ago

On 4 December 2019, a Workshop on “Tourism: Generating jobs for Youth in the MENA Region” will take place at the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)’s Headquarters in Barcelona. The event is a follow up of the UfM Secretariat’s Brainstorming Meeting on Tourism, hel...

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Women and tourism: designing for inclusion / Femmes et tourisme: conception pour l'inclusion / النساء والسياحة: تصميم من أجل الدمج

Created by Foundation's Team 1984 days ago

Despite advancements for women at some destinations and brands, significant inequality persists in tourism sector. Women continue to be paid less and are underrepresented in certain tourism occupations and management levels. Women in tourism are more likely to be undertaking part-time, ...

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Le rapport mondial sur les femmes dans le tourisme 2010 / التقرير العالمي عن المرأة في السياحة 2010 / Global Report on Women in Tourism 2010

Created by Foundation's Team 1998 days ago

Ce rapport entend cartographier la participation active des femmes dans le secteur touristique à l’échelle de la planète, en ciblant cinq domaines principaux : emploi, esprit d’entreprise, exercice des responsabilités, communauté et é...

Maria Àngels Roque

Rural Women and Socioeconomic Changes in Morocco. Gender Implications of the Arrival of Tourism in a Berber Community / Les femmes rurales et les changements socio-économiques au Maroc. Implications de genre de l'arrivée du tourisme dans une communauté berbère / المرأة الريفية والتغيرات الاجتماعي...

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2071 days ago

This article examines the process of change currently experienced by the Berber ethnic group of the Ait Haddidou, who live in the most eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains (Morocco), specifically in the Assif Melloul Valley. This analysis focuses on how this process is influencing Haddidou wo...


Formation sur les activités génératrices de revenus à Blida / تدريب حول النشاطات المدرة للدخل في البليدة / Training on Income-Generating Activities in Blida

Created by Cherifa KHEDDAR 2116 days ago

20 femmes de Wilaya de Blida (Algérie) ont participé à une formation portant thématique « les activités génératrices de revenus (AGR)», organisée, le 20 et 21 avril 2018 au siège de l’association Djazairoun...

Esther Fouchier

Workshop on income generating activities in Sousse / Formation aux activités génératrices de revenus à Sousse / ورشة عمل حول الأنشطة المدرة للدخل في سوسة

Created by Esther Fouchier 2331 days ago

Between 6 and 9 October 2017, Forum Femmes Méditerranée and We Love Sousse organized a workshop on income generating activities in the premises of the guest house "DAR OMI" in Sousse, Tunisia. The workshop, which was conducted with the support of CAWTAR, the Syndex Founda...

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Women and Work in Egypt: Case Study of Tourism and ICT Sectors / Femmes et travail en Egypte: étude de cas sur le secteur du tourisme et des TIC / النساء و العمل في مصر: دراسة حالة قي قطاعات السياحة و تكنولوجيا المعلومات و الإتصالات

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the lowest female labour force participation rates in the world. This report analyses the situation of women in Egypt, emphasizing the issues of education and employment linked to the tourism and new ICT sectors. It addresses the following questi...