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CLUSTER Cross-Border Workshop in Jordan develops training materials for young people

Created by Foundation's Team 559 days ago

...trainee-oriented Curricula in the field of sustainable economy. The event consisted of two parallel sessions, a Blue and Green Economy Workshop and a Circular Economy and Sustainable Agriculture Workshop, in...

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CLUSTER met to discuss the production of trainings on sustainable economy and their dissemination

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...e is a toolkit for trainers working in the 4 sustainable economy sectors of CLUSTER (blue, green, circular economy and sustainable agriculture) as well as t...ted Catalogue’s objective is to inform sustainable economy companies about what CLUSTER...

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CLUSTER participated in the launch of the first farm in Catalonia using the aquaponics method

Created by Foundation's Team 570 days ago

...easing need to invest in and diversify sustainable sectors of the economy to better cope with future econom...ble skills in blue, circular and green economy and sustainable agriculture. CLUSTER is d...nies in Barcelona that work for a more sustainable food chain and grows...


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Mediterranean Tech Women Network Festival

Created by Foundation's Team 559 days ago in and contribute to the emergent digital economy. Mediterranean Tech Women break new grounds to support thriving and sustainable innovation. While many women-...s, and role models. MTWN focuses on creating sustainable economic opportunities fo...

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EMWF and CLUSTER participate in the Forum of Mediterranean Worlds in Marseille on 7 and 8 February 2022

Created by Foundation's Team 857 days ago

...und unifying and positive themes: Environment, biodiversity and sustainable development Education, train...h relevant skills adapted to the needs of the labour market in the sustainable economy sectors. The founders of the...

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UfM-EMUNI Webinar: Women in blue economy in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 987 days ago

...heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, promoting strate...ured under the notion of blue economy offer a lot of potential in the implementation of blue economy, or simply making their contr...e participation of women in a sustainable blue economy. The efforts...

Shared practices

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Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1646 days ago

Women make up only 28% of the total labour force in Lebanon According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Ge...ness Award in the regional competition “Ripples of Happiness” for sustain...

Calls and opportunities

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EuroMeSCo Euromed Survey on social justice in the Mediterranean: Participate now

Created by Foundation's Team 596 days ago

...he digital and green transitions in terms of inclusive socio-economic development. It looks into cooperation priorities for sustainable job creation and how the social economy can be strengthened. The surv...

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Deadline Extended for INVESTMED Project

Created by Foundation's Team 822 days ago

...that they contribute to creating sustainable economic growth and development. INVESTMED supports new sustainable business opportunities benefi...sing on three key sectors: Green economy: Economic activities, infrast...ity and ecosystem services. Blue economy: Sectors related to ocea...

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INVESTMED Call for grants: Business support organisations

Created by Foundation's Team 909 days ago

...that they contribute to creating sustainable economic growth and development. INVESTMED supports new sustainable business opportunities benefi...three key sectors:   Green economy: Economic activities, infrast...ity and ecosystem services. Blue economy: Sectors related to oceans, s...


Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 834 days ago

...erving biodiversity for their sustainable use is acknowledged by the that women’s role in sustainable development is hampered by un...the heart of inclusive green economy ‘’ that results in im...ating poverty. However, green economy has been implicitly acknowledged...

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EBRD and Women 20 call on G20 members to mainstream gender equality - Policy brief

Created by Foundation's Team 1347 days ago

...address the global financial crisis and propose reforms to foster sustainable growth and development, the a...le in protecting and promoting women’s participation in the economy, creating sustainable economic growth, reducing...

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Towards a Green Economy in the Mediterranean- Assessment of National Green Economy and Sustainable Development Strategies in Mediterranean Countries

Created by Foundation's Team 2058 days ago presents the results of a review exercise covering Green Economy (GE) strategies and Sustainable Development (SD) policies...ith the aim of boosting the transition towards a green and fair economy in the Mediterranean. The stu...


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Jordan: CLUSTER Cross-Border Workshop gathers 48 stakeholder to develop training materials for young people / Jordanie : l'atelier CLUSTER rassemble 48 acteurs pour développer des supports de formation pour les jeunes / الأردن: ورشة عمل لمشروع كلستر عبر الحدود تجمع 48 من أصحاب المصلحة لإعداد مواد...

Created by Foundation's Team 661 days ago

On 21 July 2022, the Business Development Center (BDC), in cooperation with National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), organised a Cross-border Workshop in Amman, Jordan, gathering 48 regional and national stakeholders from the public and private sector, TVET (Techni...

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Jordan: CLUSTER met to promote social inclusion in the Mediterranean / Jordanie : CLUSTER réuni pour promouvoir l'inclusion sociale en Méditerranée / الأردن: اجتمع مشروع كلستر لتعزيز الاندماج الاجتماعي في منطقة البحر الأبيض المتوسط

Created by Foundation's Team 661 days ago

On 20 July 2022, CLUSTER project partners gathered for the first time presentially in Amman, Jordan, and online, for a meeting to take stock of CLUSTER activities and agree on the steps forward to continue achieving the goal of advancing youth and women social incl...

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CLUSTER conducts Focus Groups to create inclusive training materials for young people and women / CLUSTER organise des groupes de discussion pour créer des supports de formation inclusifs pour les jeunes et les femmes / كلستر ينظم مجموعات تركيز لإنشاء مواد تدريبية شاملة للشباب والمرأة

Created by Foundation's Team 666 days ago

With the aim of improving the employability skills of youth and women in the Mediterranean, CLUSTER is developing Curricula to train them in four sectors of sustainable economy: aquaponics, hydroponics, organic farming and food processing. Such trainee-oriented curricula will red...