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Towards gender equality in the Arab/Middle East region: Islam, culture, and feminist activism / Vers l'égalité entre hommes et femmes dans la région arabe/Moyen-Orient : islam, culture et militance féministe / نحو مساواة بين الجنسين في منطقة العالم العربي و الشرق الاوسط: الإسلام, الثقافة و النشا...

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The study analyzes the situation of Gender Equality in the Arab countries, in light of culture, Islam and gender relations. It gives examples of women´s economic and political participation in the region. The study explains the feminist critique of Islam and the feminist movement within Isl...

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Unequal and Unprotected: Women's Rights under Lebanese Personal Status Laws / Sans égalité et sans défense: les droits des femmes selon la loi libanaise sur le statut personnel / غير متساوية و غير محمية: حقوق النساء في قوانين الأحوال الشخصية اللبنانية

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This study documents how the current personal status system, which is composed of 15 separate laws for the country´s different religious communities, discriminates against women. Based on the review of existing personal status laws and more than 70 interviews with lawyers, judges, social wo...