Alia Arasoughly


Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:00pm

...ess and challenging stereotypes, putting upfront violence against women and girls, women rights, and gender equality a...redible in changing the values and emotional fabric of society on women’s status and human rights, cultural p...

Sumeyye Koman

Kadın ve Demokrasi Derneği - KADEM - Women and Democracy Association

Member since 15 December 2021 @ 4:00pm

KADEM mainly focuses on women’s empowerment, gender-based violence, refugee women and women’s participati...s and events as International Women and Justice Summit, Gender Ju...ess and being in consultative status with the ECOSOC, we Project Examples: Women in Innovation: First establis...

Amal AlShawahneh

Social and Economic Forum for Women Association

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:07pm

• Empowering women to participate effectively in economic life thr...rcial projects. • Increasing women’s awareness of economic and society. • Improving the status and well-being of women and...studies needed to assess the status of women....

مولاى عبدالله أسباعى

Wafa Association for Awareness

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 12:41pm

...and associations of parents and imams within the state on the Personal Status Code, especially with regard...ns, representatives of local administrations, the education sector, and women, children and family associat...

سوزان حمي

The Libyan Network to Support and Empower Women

Member since 11 October 2018 @ 2:24pm

...eminars to highlight the situation of Libyan women and increase their political p...anize campaigns to demand a quota for Libyan women in parliament and elected cou...y-second session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Claudine Aoun Roukoz

National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW)

Member since 11 June 2018 @ 2:36pm

...f the ten years “National Strategy for Women in Lebanon (2011-2021)” that aims to empower women and insure gender equality in...government and Parliament in regard to women and gender issues. NCLW out various projects to improve the status of women, and to establish e...

Omar Majjane

SEMNID Association for Social Development

Member since 9 April 2018 @ 5:18pm

...economic and social rights of rural women. - Follow-up of cases of vict...n of neglected children in the civil status registers. - reporting on the lack of respect for women's economic rights in remote m...ze projects to improve the income of women in difficult situations. - P...

Sihem Bouazza

Tunisian Association of Development Law - ATDD

Member since 19 February 2018 @ 4:58pm

...unisia on human rights and particularly women's rights. The ATDD is a found...the coalition "transitional justice for women - AUSSI" with the support of...actions to promote the code of personal status to the general public and especially women.

Chadia Mlahfi

Space Starting Point (ESPOD)

Member since 18 November 2017 @ 8:56am

ESPOD main agenda actions consist in improving women’s conditions, and these actions are conducted in both the economic and equality levels, which has helped to improve the status of women in social and economic terms....

أميرة عبد الحكيم حفني المديرة التنفيذية للمؤسسة القانونية لمساعدة الأسرة وحقوق الإنسان

Legal Association for Family Assistance and Human Rights

Member since 3 September 2017 @ 6:08pm

...articipation. Working to raise awareness among women about the importance of their...ure for political and economic gains. Pursuing women's issues on the state agenda,...o adopt women's issues in relation to personal status and violence.