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...continue challenging the stereotypes and the social order based on gender roles t...that hinder the achievement of a substantive social equality or de facto equality...ield of politics, law, philosophy education, social sciences, architecture, amongst others...

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LEGS Anual Seminar Translating gender, 2020-2021

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...lenges us to think freshly about its social impact as well as its politic...eries of questions. How do different social contexts influence the multip...etical contexts, be it in the social sciences, literary studies, philosophy, so-called "hard" sciences, etc.? From November 6, 2020...

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Donia promotes women's engagement in environment protection in Lebanon

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...e Tripoli District. The diagnosis involved environment and social committees of the target municipalities, social, charity and educational asso...from the environmental department in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Lebanese University, e...


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An Introduction to the Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) Tool

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This workshop is specifically geared towards individuals with little experience in the social sciences, with no previous knowledge regarding the design and implementation of o...

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Gendered Resistance: Academia and Activism

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The Arab Council for Social Sciences organises a conference entitle...r zoom.  The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS) is a regional, organization dedicated to strengthening social science research and knowledge...

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Colonialization, Neo-Liberalization and Patriarchy: Search for an Alternative Approach to Economic and Social Empowerment

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...lestine.  She is also a founding member of the Arab Council for Social Sciences (ACSS) and heads the interests and publications focus on feminism and nationalism, social movements (especially the Pales...

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Embodied (un)certainties: Producing knowledge from the margin.

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...understanding of how they, as academic researchers, can grasp and create interdisciplinary knowledge. Since the affective turn in the social and cultural sciences, the conceptualization of rat...

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Consultant on contestations and backlashes to gender equality in the MENA

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...via links to petitions and sharing options on social media.  Providing civil...bodies such as the UN, activist testimonies, social media posts etc.  ...und in gender studies and/or social sciences as well as strong research sk...

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PhD Opportunities : Gender and the Politics of Shame

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...litics of shame in the broad areas of gender, sexualities and feminism. Recent research across a number of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences has witnessed a renewed focus...


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Videos of the symposium Altérités et résistances à l'épreuve du genre en Méditerranée

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Mediamed, which gathers multimedia resources in human sciences on the Mediterranean, has updated...dynamics, adjustments and changes caused by alternative behaviours to social norms, family conventions, sexu...

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PRESAGE: A program to promote a multidisciplinary approach of gender studies

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...te;conomiques (OFCE) » and the French research university on social science, Sciences Po, to achieve three objectives: advance research on gender, develop gender studies at Sciences Po and disseminate knowledge....

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Institut de recherche sur le Maghreb contemporain. IRMC's Library

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...earch on one side and Maghreb research on the other. For the conduct of its programs, the Institute has a research library in humanities and social sciences. It has a historical heritage...


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Towards an equal stake in the history of women and gender in Islamic societies

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...nial heritage and feminist commitment" in Muslim societies, and "For a social history with a gender lens: s...p; Humanities project of the Department of Historical and Geographical Sciences and the Ancient World of the...

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The Development of Women's Studies and Gender Studies in Scandinavian Social Science

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...ent of scientific teaching and research about women’s position in society was growing. As late as the 1960s, university students in the social sciences did not receive any teaching...

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Bibliography: The makinof bodies and producing gender inequalities

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This bibliography has been made in the context of the Research Seminar by RUSEMEG: «The “making” of bodies and producing gender inequalities » which took place in the faculty of economic, legal and social sciences in Tanger (Morocco), the 13th January 2017.


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Gendered Resistance: Academia and Activism / Résistance genrée : le monde universitaire et le militantisme / نقاش عبر الإنترنت - المقاومة الجندريّة بين الأكاديميا والنشاطيّة

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The Arab Council for Social Sciences organises a conference entitled "Gendered Resistance: Academia and Activism” It will take place on Monday, May 10, 2021 at 5:00-7:00 pm (Beirut time) Simultaneous translation to English will be provided for those registered ove...