Meriem Chikirou

SIDRA Association

Member since 9 July 2018 @ 2:32pm

...ough the promotion of entrepreneurship by training women and organizing networking meetings to strengthen their role in the development of an economy social solidarity in Algeria. - Alge...

Adriana Maestro

Mediterraneo Sociale

Member since 26 January 2018 @ 5:18pm

Mediterraneo Sociale promotes three strategic li...ctivities: Community welfare, Social economy, Ethical finance. Mediterraneo Sociale’s strengths: • the many go...of self-entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship (especially...of national and international social communication campaigns.

Milud Samii

Future Association for Development - Batna

Member since 17 January 2017 @ 8:38pm

...inforce women’s abilities and economically empower them to achieve social integration. - Tailoring wor...ion: mentoring and training stay-at-home women in order to promote social solidarity economy for productive households (20...


Maria Àngels Roque

Launch Conference of CLUSTER: advanCing youth and women sociaL inclUSion in The MEditerRanean project

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 57 days ago

...f citizens at risk of poverty and social exclusion, and hurting young...ying and investing in sustainable economy sectors to better cope with...bility skills in four sustainable economy sectors, and promoting long-l...titutions, the private sector and social economy actors, while raising...

Maria Àngels Roque

IEMed awarded a grant to tackle social exclusion and poverty amongst vulnerable groups

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 146 days ago

...ash; advanCing Youth and Women SociaL InclUSion in The Mediterranea...h employability skills in Blue Economy, Circular Economy, Green Economy, and Sustainab...ective of CLUSTER is to tackle social exclusion and poverty skills in the Sustainable Economy sectors. To that end, CLUSTE...

Foundation's Team

The Generation Equality Forum concludes in Paris with announcement of commitments

Created by Foundation's Team 197 days ago

...r pregnant women and children under five years; and pursuing legal and social change to end gender-based vi...uo;s commitment of USD 100 Million to address inequalities in the care economy globally, as a parallel to si...


Foundation's Team

UfM-EMUNI Webinar: Women in blue economy in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 131 days ago

...captured under the notion of blue economy offer a lot of potential in the implementation of blue economy, or simply making their contr...ties and challenging cultural and social pre-conceptions. It is importa...nizing a webinar on Women in blue economy as one of the first regional...

Foundation's Team

Colonialization, Neo-Liberalization and Patriarchy: Search for an Alternative Approach to Economic and Social Empowerment

Created by Foundation's Team 272 days ago

...ocess, control of the Israeli economy over the territories and the...ow their role in the national economy was affected. It will also re...ember of the Arab Council for Social Sciences (ACSS) and heads the...on feminism and nationalism, social movements (especially the Pale...

Foundation's Team

UfM Regional Dialogue: youth and women's empowerment, a key issue in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 973 days ago and girls’ empowerment (transversal theme), economy, environment and development Roundtable on Regional Economic and Social Challenges for Women and Youth, with a special focus on social economy and inclusion of youth and wo...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 790 days ago

Women make up only 28% of the total labour force in Lebanon According to the World Economic Forum’s Globa...e soap at home, and then developed into a successful company that won the Best Social...

Foundation's Team

"Res’Art": The women artisans network of Algerian art

Created by Foundation's Team 1807 days ago

...d more than 400 women artisans and over 50 associations in various Wilayas. The network has a gallery of exhibition with the spirit of social and solidarity economy. « Res Art » has...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

INVESTMED Call for grants: Business support organisations

Created by Foundation's Team 52 days ago

...focusing on three key sectors:   Green economy: Economic activities, infras...of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Blue economy: Sectors related to oceans, s...nd coasts aimed at promoting economic growth, social inclusion and the preservation...

Maria Àngels Roque

Technical support of project and communication for CLUSTER

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 124 days ago

...the IEMed was awarded a grant to tackle social exclusion and poverty amongst...tine and Tunisia. The project aims to address social exclusion and poverty among v...mployed with market skills in the Sustainable Economy sectors by using a trilingual...

Maria Àngels Roque

Apply to become Project Manager for CLUSTER

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 124 days ago

...the IEMed was awarded a grant to tackle social exclusion and poverty amongst...ine, and Tunisia. The project aims to address social exclusion and poverty among v...mployed with market skills in the Sustainable Economy sectors, taking advantage of...


Foundation's Team

Women Economic Empowerment Portal

Created by Foundation's Team 1611 days ago

...maker. The definition is also based on the framing of state and other social institutions and duty bearers...t Gateway LKDG which focuses on citizenship, rights, refugees, relief, economy, NGO news and gender issues...

Foundation's Team

Observ' Digital Resource Center on Gender and Development

Created by Foundation's Team 2261 days ago

...resources on many themes concerning the equality of women and men in the French-speaking world, such as climate change, social movements, conflicts, education, economy, work, ICT, sexuality ... By...

Foundation's Team

WEBPAGE: Turkish Statistical Institute. Social Structure and Gender Statistics

Created by Foundation's Team 2289 days ago producing official statistics on Turkey, its population, resources, economy, society, and culture. It wa...ernational entities. This particular branch concerns statistics on the social structure and gender equality...


Foundation's Team

The Current Faces of Arab Feminisms. Micro-Rebels, Art Activists and Virtual Heroines

Created by Foundation's Team 132 days ago

...Arab feminists is young, cyber-active and artistic,and vocally attacks social taboos. Their agendas are hea...gender andpatriarchy and devise a critique of the neoliberal state and economy. In this report, Ibtesam A...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 crisis in the MENA region: impact on gender equality and policy responses

Created by Foundation's Team 411 days ago

...urdens and gender-based violence. However, region-specific restrictive social norms and legal frameworks ex...he MENA region and an opportunity to rethink women’s role in the economy and society. The region&rsquo...

Foundation's Team

Addressing the gender dimension of informality - Tackling Vulnerability in the Informal Economy

Created by Foundation's Team 416 days ago

...associated with the informal economy (Chapter 3) disproportionate...oyment outcomes and access to social protection. Last, it reviews...owering women in the informal economy in a number of countries, current attempts to extend social protection to informal economy workers do not leave women be...


Foundation's Team

UfM Regional Dialogue: youth and women's empowerment, a key issue in the Mediterranean / / Dialogue régional de l'UpM : l'autonomisation des femmes et des jeunes, enjeu clé en Méditerranée

Created by Foundation's Team 973 days ago

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), institution that labels the actions of our Foundation, is organizing a Regional Dialogue on "Shared views on key issues in the Mediterranean", which will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2019 at the Pedralbes Palace in Barcelona, Spain. ...