مادلين نصر سليمان

The Association of Women and Community for Comprehensive Development in Tiba

Member since 13 February 2018 @ 3:55pm

...d protect them from exploitation and intermediaries. • Conducting six seminars over a period of 12 months o...e concepts of civic education and political participation of women. • Seminar on good governance and gender...


Foundation's Team

LEGS Anual Seminar Translating gender, 2020-2021

Created by Foundation's Team 165 days ago

This monthly-held seminar, bringing together the entire LEGS-Laboratory...d in particular in different languages. This seminar will address a series of, etc.? From November 6, 2020 onwards, the seminar will be held every month on a...

Diana Haddadin

SIGI supports an initiative to end harassment in the workplace in Jordan

Created by Diana Haddadin 535 days ago

This month, the Sisterhood IS Global Institute  (SIGI) in Jordan organized a seminar titled “Youth Initiatives and Their Role in Supporting Women’s Issues&r...

Fairouz Habache

Standing together for Algerian women's economic empowerment

Created by Fairouz Habache 761 days ago

...Algeria Association (WIBA) participated in a seminar entitled "Evolution of female...and Mines, Youcef Yousfi, who inaugurated the seminar, the President of the Nationa...Khaled Abderraouf. On the sidelines of the seminar, FGAR and SEVE signed a frame...


Susana Cereijo

Seminar: Communicating the intercultural dimension of the Mediterranean in terms of gender

Created by Susana Cereijo 30 days ago

...terranean in terms of gender The seminar will take place on the 18th o...ation), the IEMed is organizing a seminar to reflect on the different w...egalitarian Mediterranean. The seminar “Communicating the inte...bate with all the attendees. The seminar will also feature the present...

Susana Cereijo

Conference In, on, around, across the Mediterranean: Challenging representation

Created by Susana Cereijo 130 days ago

...ow can narratives located in and around the Mediterranean offer resistance and different modes of constructing, or disrupting identities? This seminar will consider how works of fi...

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

The prevention of Gender-Based Violence at University: From Knowledge to Action for Change

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 136 days ago

...AWTAR is organizing in close collaboration with its partners a virtual seminar (zoom) on "The prevention of...n November 26 from 1pm local Tunisian time until 3 pm. The aim of the seminar is : - Launching of the regio...

Shared practices

Chérifa Kheddar

Project: Do not touch my rights!

Created by Chérifa Kheddar 1497 days ago

...s launched and women were very interested in each theme. * A training seminar on "women's rights and the va...held on 11, 12 and 13 May 2016 in Blida. During the three days of the seminar, the debates were very rich a...

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Inform, Educate, Debate. for a successful democratic transition!

Created by Foundation's Team 1837 days ago

...n with local institutions and the arts centre Djebe Chambi/Kasserine in Kasserine. This practice was identified in the framework of the research seminar on gender “Violence Aga...

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Shared reflection workshops

Created by Foundation's Team 1894 days ago 2011, October 2012 and March 2015), Algeria (March 2014), and Morocco (May 2015).This practice was identified in the framework of the research seminar on gender “Violence Aga...


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COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 366 days ago

...on WorldHealthDay 7 April about COVID-19 (English, Arabic, French) Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), EGYPT:   Seminar: The Impact of COVID-19 on Vi...

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Research projects on gender violence at the Research seminar in Tunis

Created by Foundation's Team 1895 days ago

Under the Research seminar that took place in the Faculté des Lettres des Arts et des discuss this issue among its young researchers and academics. This seminary is part of the Axis 1 "...

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Research projects on gender of the Research seminar in Rabat

Created by Foundation's Team 1971 days ago

Under the Research seminar on economic empowerment of women, organised by the RUSEMEG, a PhD...rder to develop presentation methodologies of a scientific work. This seminary is part of the Axis 1 "...


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Rethinking Gender-Based Violence: Perspectives from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria

Created by Foundation's Team 15 days ago

...f the Mediterranean (IEMed) in collaborationwith the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (EMWF) organised an online seminar on gender-based violence (GBV). The seminar sought to start a debate with...

Foundation's Team

Women's experience in cities in conflict: a bibliography

Created by Foundation's Team 1053 days ago

...iversity and Scientific Network on Gender and Women (RUSEMEG) Research Seminar: "Women’s Experience in...held at the Lebanese University of Beirut on 14 and 15 May 2018. This seminar was organized within the fram...

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Bibliography: Violence against women and gender-based violence

Created by Foundation's Team 1157 days ago within the framework of the Research seminar organized by the RUSEMEG: "Vi...a in Tunis on 8 and 9 October 2015. This seminary is part of the Axis 1 "...he Union for the Mediterranean. The Research seminar aimed to provide a cross-refl...


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Séminaire annuel du LEGS Traduire le genre 2020-2021 / / LEGS Anual Seminar Translating gender, 2020-2021

Created by Foundation's Team 165 days ago

Ce séminaire mensuel, réunissant l’ensemble du LEGS–Laboratoire d’Études de Genre et de Sexualité, mais ouvert à tou.te.s, met la notion de traduction – dans divers sens, linguistique bien sûr, mais aussi culturel et polit...

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Seminar in Barcelona on feminist mobilizations across the Mediterranean / Séminaire à Barcelone sur les mobilisations féministes en Méditerranée / ندوة في برشلونة حول الحركات النسوية على ضفتي المتوسط

Created by Foundation's Team 509 days ago

Our board member and director of the ‘’Culture and Civil Society’’ Department of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) who is one of our founding members, Maria Angels Roque, will talk about our field actions and contributions to advancing women&rsq...

Helena González Fernández

Pre-doctoral seminar on Catalan Women Writers in Contemporaneity / Séminaire pré-doctoral sur les écrivaines catalanes contemporaines / ندوة لبحوث الدكتوراه التمهيدية حول الكاتبات الكتلانيات المعاصرات

Created by Helena González Fernández 682 days ago

On June 13th, a pre-doctoral seminar on Catalan Women Writers at Contemporaneity will take place at the University of Barcelona. The seminar is coordinated by Helena González from the Research Centre on Theory, Gender and Sexuality (ADHUC–Centre de Recerca Teoria...