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Enhancing girls access to education in the communities of Bethlehem and Hebron

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...rdquo; that are under Israeli Authority’s control in the Bethlehem and Hebron Governorates, are particularly vulnerable in terms of facing schooling difficulties, several forms o...


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Research seminar: "Restraints and obstacles to women' s economic empowerment”

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...dening in terms of rights, access to economic, political and social resources, and control of these resources. Although in the last decades the schooling of women has become widesprea...

Shared practices

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Support for women's empowerment in the North-East of Morocco

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...t, they were offered training in administrative management so that they can manage their daily economic activity. Literacy courses and funds for schooling their children enable their s...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for projects for actors in the field in Africa and the Caribbean

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...opment of their entrepreneurial capacities, information on their rights (health, citizenship...), support in their professional training and the schooling of their children, etc. Th...


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Women's Security Index

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...he WPS Index represents an innovation in how we think about and measure women’s wellbeing by bringing together achievements for example in schooling and access to cell phones, an...

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Rural Girls School Support Committee (CSSF)

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...ssociation created in 1998 and recognized as a public utility entity since 2007. The association works at the national level to promote the full schooling of girls in rural areas. The...


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The Pursuit of Gender Equality: An uphill battle

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...inequalities persist in all areas of social and economic life and across countries. Young women in OECD countries generally obtain more years of schooling than young men, but women are...

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World Development Report 2018 - LEARNING to Realize Education's Promise

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...rk for learning. It also highlights how education improves economic opportunities especially for women, explaining that each additional year of schooling typically raises an individua...

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Women and men, equality in question

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...ows that of 2012 Women and Men - Views on Parity. The study first provides an overview of the paths of women and men at different ages of life (schooling, family and professional life...


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Fighting against female school dropouts in Areas C in Bethlehem and Hebron / النضال لإيقاف تسرب الفتيات من المدارس في المنطقة (ج) في بيت لحم والخليل / Lutter contre l'abandon scolaire des filles à Bethléem et Hébron

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Education is considered as an important factor in enhancing a person’s opportunities in social and economic mobility. However, leaving school at an early age remains a problem, to which poverty and being female are generally associated with. To further analyze this issue, the Psyc...

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Inequality, Intergenerational Mobility of Women Educational Attainment and Inclusive Policies in Arab Countries / Inégalité, mobilité intergénérationnelle du niveau de scolarité des femmes et politiques d'inclusion dans les pays arabes / عدم المساواة ، التنقل بين الأجيال و التحصيل العلمي للمرأة و...

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Intergenerational educational mobility refers to the extent to which education attainments are able to change across generations. If there were no intergenerational mobility in education, at all, all poor children would become poor adults and all rich children would become rich adults a...

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'Let’s erase sexist prejudices' / 'Gommons les préjugés sexistes' / لنقضي على الأحكام المسبقة المتحيزة جنسانياً

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A teaching DVD called « Let’s erase sexist prejudices » provides a serie of activities to promote non-sexist behavior in young children. It is adapted from Quebecois and Spanish programs and from European instruction kits inciting parents and teachers to think about th...