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Missed Opportunities : The High Cost of Not Educating Girls

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Too many girls drop out of school prematurely, especially in low income standards of living. When girls drop out of school prematurely, they are much mo...mortality and stunting. Girls who drop out of school also suffer in adulthood from...

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Rapid Gender Analysis: COVID-19 Middle East and North Africa Region

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...are experiencing regression in the informal labor market, elevated levels of violence and harassment, and increased care-taking burdens for out-of-school children, and sick and elderl...

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Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2021

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...n reversed progress in expanding women’s rights and opportunities. Women have not recovered lost jobs and income, hunger is on the rise, and school closures threaten girls&rsquo...

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Gender violence among youth: An effective program of preventive socialization to address a public health problem

Created by Foundation's Team 1180 days ago level in groups of 15–16 years old teenagers in three high schools in Barcelona. The interventions were conducted over a period of one school year and shared the trait of...

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Essential Services Package for Women and Girls Subject to Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 1363 days ago violence from reoccurring. Essential services can diminish the losses experienced by women, families and communities in terms of productivity, school achievement, public policies...

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Girls and boys on the road to equality, from school to higher education

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This publication compiles a series of statistical data on the comparative success of girls and boys since entering school to entering into working life. It highlights gender...

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Girls'Access to Education in Palestine: Focus on various Localities in Area C

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This article focuses on girls’ access to school education in "Area C" where security and administr...993, including factors that lead to girls’ recurrent absences and school dropouts. The article is bas...

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Field diagnosis: Girls Access to education in six Area C localities in Bethlehem and Al Khalil

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This diagnosis explores school education in six localities in Area C (Kis...focuses on the poor quality of education, the school conditions, the lack of servi...o girls’ regular absences and dropout of school. It highlights possible actio...

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Towards real equality between women and men - The essential (key figures) 2018

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...mplary state or gender-based and sexual violence, are therefore an essential tool for identifying what must be done to advance gender equality: at school, at work, in companies, in th...

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Science, Technology and Gender: An international report

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...developing countries to grow and reduce poverty. It also notes that ‘differences between girls and boys in performance at school are more linked to home and school environments than dependent o...