Sana Taktak Epouse Keskes

Association of Continuity of Generations - ACG

Member since 9 April 2019 @ 1:33pm

- Capacity building of women especially in rural areas on their rights; - Prom...integration and membership of rural women in professional organizations and within NGOs (women's union, associations, etc.)...he principle of fair trade for women's activities in rural areas.

أحلام النصيري

Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED

Member since 9 April 2019 @ 1:27pm

...ting marginalized groups on the importance of the exercise of the right to vote. - The project "Women Ambassadors for civic education of illiterate women living in rural areas" - Dialogues with rural women to formulate recommenda...

محمد الارضي

Moroccan Association of Social Workers

Member since 31 August 2018 @ 1:26pm

...- Developing listening centers for women victims of violence - Supporting associations working with women in difficult situations -, especially for girls in rural areas - Supporting activitie...ty programs for youth - Enhancing women's participation in the manage...


Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

EU cross-border cooperation programme celebrates International Day of Rural Women

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 419 days ago

...ons’ International Day of Rural Women on 15 October from 11:00 to 1...the potential of Mediterranean women in rural areas: constraints and soluti...the situation of employment of rural women in the Mediterranean, discuss...eace (ACPP), the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CA...

Hala Bugaighis

Open Letter by Libyan CSOs to Recommend Gender Sensitive Policy to the Government's COVID-19 Crisis Response Plan

Created by Hala Bugaighis 585 days ago

...fourteen Libyan NGOs working on women’s rights issues from Jusoor, Haaki and Tamazight Women Movement addressed to the pre...urgency to address the needs of women and girls who are most affect...e needs are: Food support to women living in a rural area with no access to market...

Foundation's Team

Anaouat spurs policy dialogue on child marriage in Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 979 days ago

...uo;enfant Association (Anaouat for Women and Children Association) org...y Anaouat Association in the three rural municipalities of Sidi Mhamme...policy dialogue and monitoring for women in society» which is fu...e action of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM). M...


Foundation's Team

Gender ID Talks

Created by Foundation's Team 164 days ago

...p;and Tunisia - La voix de l’enfant rural (AVER) in the Framework...the sense of raising awareness on the topic of women and gender stereotypes in a c...tion, especially using digital tools to tackle women and gender stereotypes. After...

Foundation's Team

Anna Lindh Foundation's Marathon: Gender ID Talks

Created by Foundation's Team 184 days ago

...p;and Tunisia - La voix de l’enfant rural (AVER) in the Framework...the sense of raising awareness on the topic of Women and gender stereotypes in a c...that will present the importance of addressing Women and gender stereotypes issues...

Maria Àngels Roque

UfM High-Level Conference, 16-20 November 2020 - Accelerating Gender Equality in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 392 days ago

...n and its Platform for Action, the Women4Mediterranean Conference this...e impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women and girls and to highlight th...kit here. Conference Themes: Women on the frontline of COVID-19...responses of agri-food sectors and rural areas The role of youth in c...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Promotion of sustainable water management among Bedouin women in Jordan

Created by Foundation's Team 1336 days ago

Women have an important role in the household managemen...e 2017): Youth Initiatives in Rural Developme.... It included a survey of the women’s current knowledge of Rain Harvesting (RWH). Women included NGO activists, munic...oup of young and enthusiastic women in Qatrana. More details are...

Foundation's Team

Functional Literacy Programme for Women of the Argan Cooperative

Created by Foundation's Team 1546 days ago

...rban areas, opportunities for women in poor rural areas to acquire these skills...k of education opportunities, rural women are quite active in the agric...articular initiative targeted Women’s Cooperatives producin...ith a total of over 480 rural women benefiting from it since its...

Foundation's Team

Inviting children with their mothers for breakfast to raise awareness among mothers

Created by Foundation's Team 2109 days ago nearly impossible to mobilize women in rural areas, especially with ...e absence of a meeting place for women, where they could leave home...importance of the role of these women as citizens and of their acti...level. Subsequently, that led to women voluntarily contact the assoc...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

The Call for Submissions for the Generation Equality Forum in Paris is now open

Created by Foundation's Team 224 days ago

...ctivism (anti-racism, LGBTQ+ rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, rural women, disability activism etc...focusing on initiatives to respond to the Covid-19 crisis, for and by women and girls. "Generation Equal...

Foundation's Team

Women and rural areas in Europe: a European MOOC in four languages

Created by Foundation's Team 304 days ago

What is the place of women in rural areas today? How are actors organized with regard to gender equality? How can women strengthen their capacity to...k), makes you discover the different forms of women’s investments to build...

Foundation's Team

Call for Papers : Women and Rural and Agricultural Areas

Created by Foundation's Team 1381 days ago

...economics, political science and sociology on gender issues in rural and agricultural areas for th...e theme of the call is : “Strengthening the role of women. Obstacles and opportunities in rural and agricultural areas”...


Foundation's Team

GEMNET Newsletter

Created by Foundation's Team 1743 days ago

...NETWORK" (Gender empowerment for a sustainable rural development) with the main, national, regional level on the themes of women’s empowerment and gender equality related to sustainable rural development. ...

Foundation's Team

Egyptian Association for Comprehensive Development (EACD)

Created by Foundation's Team 2260 days ago

...f individuals most in need, particularly women, children and young people in rural communities and slums. EACD i...roups in the development process:  Women Women and women’s righ...for work and drop out of school. In the rural areas of Egypt, many adolesce...

Foundation's Team

Enda Inter-Arab

Created by Foundation's Team 2373 days ago Tunisia. The mission of this institution is to participate in the fight against the exclusion and precariousness of young people and women, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas. It con...


Foundation's Team

The Current Faces of Arab Feminisms. Micro-Rebels, Art Activists and Virtual Heroines

Created by Foundation's Team 85 days ago

...ero-cis-normative and urban backgrounds. They rarely include rural, poor, refugee,working-class or queer women. Their agenda is also seldom...nal. It privileges patriarchal culture as the sole source of women’s oppression – de...

Foundation's Team

Global Land Tool Network Gender Strategy 2019 - 2030: Towards securing women's and girls'land and property rights

Created by Foundation's Team 129 days ago reflects and reinforces this. It focuses on securing women’s and girls’ land...ted resources and property rights, including housing in rural, peri-urban and urban contexts. Improving the rights of women and girls to land is vital to...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

MARSADNISSA: Analyzing gender justice and judicial stereotypes in Tunisia

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 197 days ago

...ory of domestic court decisions in women’s rights cases in Tunisia, ht...f expanding access to justice for women in Tunisia through the creati...tabase of local court decisions on women’s rights in Morocco, at http:...public actors in various urban and rural regions across Tunisia.


Foundation's Team

Conference by Soraya al-Kahlaoui on women's land rights in Morocco / / Conférence de Soraya al-Kahlaoui à propos des droits à la terre des femmes au Maroc

Created by Foundation's Team 227 days ago

On April 23, 2021 (10h - 12h CET), Soraya al-Kahlaoui will be giving a talk entitled "Droits à la terre des femmes au Maroc, entre colonialité et état néolibéral".  Al-Kahlaoui holds a PhD in sociology. Her research interests revolve around the r...

Foundation's Team

Strengthening the role of women in rural and agricultural areas: Obstacles and opportunities / Renforcer le rôle des femmes : Obstacles et opportunités dans les milieux ruraux et agricoles / تعزيز دور المرأة في المناطق الريفية والزراعية: العقبات والفرص

Created by Foundation's Team 989 days ago

Women in rural and agricultural areas play a key role in the development of the territories. Because of their role in the agricultural economy or fisheries, women are at the heart of the resilience of the most vulnerable societies. This publication aims to put different situations in pe...

Foundation's Team

When the economy advocates in favour of gender equality in inheritance / Quand l'économie plaide en faveur de l'égalité dans l'héritage / عندما يناصر الاقتصادُ المساواةَ في الميراث

Created by Foundation's Team 1102 days ago

This article reflects on 20 arguments made by the Tunisian Association of Women Democrats in favour of gender equality in inheritance, especially after Tunisian Cabinet approved, on November 23rd 2018, a law that would allow men and women to inherit equally, contrary to what is stipulat...