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Junior and senior researchers debate on masculinities and gender roles

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...with no sons to maintain male roles within them. In her interven...a depreciation of the female "role". The evening of the first day...teronormativity and status of women (4 doctoral students) Transg...rmenjian of the Mediterranean Women Forum.   The seminar wa...

Roza Dimova

Hiwar concludes its advocacy campaign on women and local politics in Ramallah

Created by Roza Dimova 2528 days ago

...artnership with the Center of Women’ s Studies and Policies...y Dialogue and Monitoring for Women in Society", financed by the...meetings with prominent women role models in Palestine, HIWAR rea...en in Palestine, highlighting women’s problems and difficul...

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NADRF studies how to encourage women to run effectively for local elections

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...onducted five field visits to women and youth associations in the...ed into four panels on 1) the role of political parties in suppor...ion in local councils. 2) the role of Media in supporting and emp...e’s awareness regarding women’s political participati...

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MIFTAH supports a fair participation of women in policy making in Palestine

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...ic policies which ensure women and youth leaders’ part...General Union for Palestinian Women (GUPW), the PLO‘s media...rchers who played influential role in addressing initial ideas th...garding the representation of women and youth at decision-making...

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The Foundation promotes women's role in countering violent extremism

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...with a specific focus on the roles of women and youth as key actors in p...e participants emphasized the roles of women and youth in counter...e need to support and empower women and youth, to address social,...g awareness to the particular roles of women and women’s or...

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Active participation of the Foundation at the Southern Neighbourhood Civil Society Forum

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...ersities, Media and local authorities. The Foundation who was invited to participate on a panel on women’s resilience within the society, focused on the role of Civil Society in advancing women’s rights in the Souther...

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Apply to our call for applications for the mobilization of gender equality actors!

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...earch or education institution on women and gender a local or regio...rvice in charge of advocating for women’s rights and making gen...nion for the Mediterranean on the role of women in society: Equal rights f...nergy with the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation’s ac...

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VFJ raises women's capacities to have an active role in politics in Monastir

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...e 2017, VFJ has identified 15 women willing to play a more active role in their municipalities and in...s of political parties. These women took part in several training...nd how the traditional gender roles can be challenged. Women’s potential for develop...

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The Foundation strengthens links with young women leaders from the MENA region

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...ships designed to train young women aged from 25 to 35 in their p...a focus on gender pay gap and women’s access to the labour...esentation was centred on its role as a catalyst of committed act...periences to struggle against women’s marginalization throu...

Roza Dimova

Study visit of Iman AbdelRahman Musa, Director of HIWAR Center for Youth and Women’s Empowerment, Palestine in Bulgaria

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...y Dialogue and Monitoring for Women in Society", coordinated by I...ful for all of us. Center of Women’s Studies and Policies...We have learned a lot for the women’s situation in Palestin...ers in Palestine and also the role of the mentoring in electoral...